Zara: Ezra's PenanceMature

The sky was dyed blood red by the setting sun as Zara moved swiftly through the narrow alleys. Her fury pumped through her veins. She wanted to punish Ezra. The eyes of every man she passed fixed on her. Zara ignored them all.

The house loomed before her. She took her usual route, jumping up and making her way to the skylight on the roof. She dropped through and landed in a crouch in the centre of the office. Warren was at his desk. He jumped when she landed; but Zara caught the hint of an excited smile on his face.

Her cloak fell to the floor and she threw her face mask on top of it. Warren’s eyes fixed on her breasts where they protruded; the tight leather covering them. Zara strode over to the desk and moved behind it. She put her booted foot on Warren’s chair between his legs and shoved. It slid back and slammed into the bookcase behind him. She walked over. There was terror in his eyes. Grabbing a fistful of his shirt, Zara ripped it off with one hand. She proceeded to tear his pants off and kneel down in front of him.

“What-?” Warren began, but he shut up as she took him in her mouth. She worked her magic until he was good and hard. Then, she stood and removed her own tight leather. She stood in front of him; fully naked now. His eyes drunk in her entire form. His hands came up and fondled her breasts as his eyes moved down her body. Warren gulped. Zara straddled him on the chair; sliding his manhood inside her. She bounced up and down, arching her spine back. Books fell from the bookcase as they bumped against it. Zara punched Warren square on the nose.

“You are an absolutely putrid piece of shit Warren” she said. She continued grinding on him. She hit him again. “You disgust me”. She hit him again. His hands were still on her breasts and he squeezed them tight as he closed his eyes. He screamed out in ecstasy and she felt him go limp as he expelled his seed inside her. She looked him in the eyes. “Really? That quickly?” Zara stood off him and wrinkled her nose as she looked at him. She turned to leave.

“WAIT!” he called out. “I can do better! I can go longer”.

“Really now? Somehow I doubt that”.

“Let me show you” he said, standing up and walking over to her. He wrapped his arms around her and placed his hands on her bum, then leaned down to kiss her neck. Zara pushed him off.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Warren pulled her body to him.

“Making you want me” he said. He proceeded to try and kiss her neck again. She pushed him away.

“I don’t want your stinking breath all over me. Fine. I’ll give you another chance. But this is it”.

“Okay” he said, excited. “Let’s go to my room, I’ll be better in there”. Zara followed him through the house; her hands crossed across her chest. They entered a bedroom with a rather small double bed. Warren hopped on and lay on his back. “Okay, let’s do this” he said. Zara sighed, walked across and mounted him again. This time he only lasted sixty seconds before exploding inside her. Zara rolled off and lay on the bed beside him. In a few seconds, he was snoring.


Zara woke the next morning when she felt something weird. Warren was beside her, and he had two fingers inside her. She shoved him from the bed.

“Get the fuck away from me” she said. She walked quickly through the house; back to the study. Warren followed her; still naked. Zara began to redress; but Warren grabbed her from behind. She could feel his manhood rising between her legs.

“Let me put it in you once more” he said.

Zara picked up one of her knives and swung around. She grabbed his manhood and brought the knife up to it.

“Touch me again, and I cut it off” she said. She released him and he fell away in fear. Zara finished redressing and climbed back to the skylight. “Don’t mention this to anyone” she said. In a few moments, she was in the street again. Her anger was worse than it had been the night before. She had allowed that vile creature to defile her twice because Ezra had pissed her off.

A man approached her as she walked. “How much for you for the night miss?” he asked. Zara put her blade through his throat. A man attempted to come to the first’s aid, only to end up without his own head. An officer rounded the corner, and drew his own blade. Zara sliced off his wrist. She made her way back to the tavern.

Ezra was sitting in a corner. She walked over to him.

“Let’s get this job over with” she said. He stood and they both moved to leave.

“Did you fuck him?” Ezra asked.

“Yes” Zara said. She looked at Ezra. He was silent; but she could see the anger in his form. “He was nothing compared to you brother; but you have lost your rights to me for the immediate future. That is your penance”.

“So be it”. They arrived at the dock and stared up at the ship. 

The End

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