Ezra: The JobMature

Ezra stared at Zara. “You attacked our client” he said.

“Yes I did” she replied.

“What have I told you about attacking clients?”

“I shouldn’t do it”.

“So why did you?”

“He insulted us”.

“Lots of people insult us”.

“I don’t like it when they insult us”.

“He is paying us for a service. You cannot attack him. We have to take the insult. Once the job is done you can do what you want to him”.

“Whatever you say brother”.

“I am serious sister. I am in charge of this operation. We kill the girl, and then you can take your vengeance on the man who insults us if that is your wish”.

“Why do we have to kill the girl? She is innocent”.

“When have you ever turned down the chance to kill someone?”

“We never kill innocents”.

“Our work was becoming boring. We hire ourselves out as thieves and assassins. It is mere coincidence we were never hired to kill an innocent. We kill who we are paid to kill, no questions asked”.

“We could just disappear her”.

“We do the job we were paid to do”.

“She is the rightful heir; he left it all to her”.

“So? We were paid to eliminate her and ensure it goes to that idiot”.

“Maybe I should go fuck that idiot by way of an apology. You seem to care so much that he is happy; you know how happy a night with me makes men. You know exactly how good I am”. Ezra pounded the table.


She stood and stared at him; silent. She turned on her heel and went to the door.

“Sleep on your own tonight brother”. Then she was gone.

The End

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