Zara: PunishmentMature

Dozens of pairs of eyes followed her as she strode through the street; most fixed on her protruding chest, some on her behind. She relished it. When they stared at her; she had them right where she wanted them; she could do anything she wanted to and no one could stop her. One or two wolf whistles echoed around her, as well as numerous invitations to accompany them back to a room so they could show her what a man could do.

Zara kept walking. She came to the large house and once again made her way quickly to the roof. She dropped in through the skylight and went to sit behind the desk in the shadows. Not long after the door opened and a windswept, rain and dung soaked Warren entered the room. He flipped on the light and saw her, then leaped two feet into the air with fright.

“How did you get in this time?” he asked, clutching his heart.

“I have my ways sweetie”.

“What do you want? Shouldn’t you be out doing a job for me?”

Zara narrowed her eyes. “As it happens, we are making excellent progress. We have located the girl, now we need only take her”.


“I’m not sure I appreciate your tone”.


“You. You are ungrateful. You are demanding”. She rose from the chair. “Sit.”

Warren walked over and sat down. Zara bent over the desk and stared at him; making sure he could see down her top, just catching a glimpse of the goods.

“A little birdy told me that you called us psychopathic goons”.

“Silus. Goddamn that man!”

“It was not Silus. Silus is wise enough not to bring us that information. We do not take kindly to being called psychopathic goons. It displeases us. You do not want to displease us”.


“Too late for apologies Warren. You’ve already gone and said it”.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“That depends. Sometimes we kill the people who dishonour us. Sometimes we maim them. Sometimes we psychologically torment and destroy them”. She pulled out a knife and ran a finger along the blade. “Maybe I’ll take your cock. That would teach you”. His hands went to his groin. Zara smiled behind the cloth. “Maybe I’ll take your hands”. He began to weep.

“Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything”.

“Begging will get you nowhere”. Zara moved around the table and grabbed his right arm by the wrist. She slammed it onto the table and then sat on his lap. “I am going to go easy on you Warren. But listen to me now. If you ever insult me or my brother again, if you ever speak ill of us, we will find out. And should that occur, I will come back and take your little friend who is currently poking my ass from you to feed to the dogs. Do you understand me?”

He nodded. Zara turned his hand over and raised the blade into the air.

“I-I thought you were going easy on me?” Warren squealed.

“I am” she said, and then she brought the blade down. It stabbed through the knuckle joint on his ring and little fingers, severing them. Zara stood off the man and admired her handiwork. “I would see a physician soon before they can’t re-attach those”, she said. “See you again soon sweetie”. She blew a kiss in his direction and then left through the skylight once more.

The End

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