Ezra: PrinciplesMature

Ezra stared at Zara. Her violet eyes held his own.

“And you are sure she is aboard that woman’s ship?”

“I heard it from the mouth of one of the sailors. The captain shut him up; she knocked him unconscious. She obviously did not want the information getting out. The girl is aboard that ship”.

“You did not need to attack the captain Zara”.

“But I had fun doing it”. Zara pulled a pretend sad face and gave him her biggest puppy dog eyes.

“But now she is aware that we have business with her. She will be on alert; her whole crew will be on alert. She may even tell the girl”.

“I don’t think she will. She seems protective of the girl. I think she will keep the information from her”.

“That still doesn’t change the fact that she knows we are interested in the girl. You have made the job of penetrating the ship undetected significantly harder”.

“But we will still be able to do it”.

“Of course we will. We are the best at what we do. They won’t even know we are there until our blades are buried in their throats. It is simply a matter of principle”.

“You and your principles. Just live a little Ezra!”

She stood and spun in circles, swaying around the tavern. The cloth of her cloak fanned up like a cape and revealed the tight body suit beneath. He saw the instant reaction of all the men in the room. Every pair of male eyes fixated on her body. One gent in the corner began drooling into his beer. Another took off his glasses and cleaned them, before putting them back on his face and returning his gaze to her bosom. Ezra clenched his fists. He hated when others did that.

A man came up to his shoulder. He nudged Ezra. “Blimey mate. Wouldn’t you love to have that beneath you? She’s a feisty one. Might go have the bitch. What do ya think?” Ezra was up in a flash. He spun the man’s wrist in its socket, twisting it a full 360 degrees and snapping every bone, ligament and tendon in the joint. The man screamed. Ezra flipped him onto the table and punched him twice in the face; once to break his nose, once to break his jaw. He stabbed a dagger into the table next to the man’s ear, and then leaned forward to whisper.

“Don’t even think of touching my sister”. Ezra pulled the blade from the table and left the building; he could feel every eye on him as he went. He stepped into the night and pulled the cloth mask over his face, and then ran. He sprinted for an alley and then leapt up onto a low hanging window ledge. In moments he was running across the roofs of the buildings. He came to the port.

His eyes found the ship Zara had described. He scanned it; all of it, formulating plans in his mind as he took in each detail. It would be easy to penetrate. All they had to do was discover the girl’s exact position. Anyone who got in their way would meet death at the end of a cold blade. Ezra smiled. 

The End

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