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“She has to die” Warren said.

“Yes we gathered that” Ezra replied.

“Now tell us about her” Zara said again. “What does she look like? Where can we find her? Will she present a challenge? We need details”.

“She was once a girl, but is now made mostly of metal. The majority of that metal is gold. Her left eye consists of cogs and gears, and also contains a sapphire. She will pose you no challenge; she is harmless. As to where you may locate her, I have no idea. She has simply vanished. And anyway, I gather your job is to find her”.

Zara nodded. “Ezra, take the watch to be appraised. Find out how much it is worth; in case Mr. Meriwether is trying to con us”. Ezra faded back into the shadows and disappeared. Zara was left alone with Warren. She walked slowly around the desk and over to him. He was shaking; his eyes fixed on her. The glass of wine sloshed in his hand as he shook. “Tell me, Mr. Meriwether, why do you want us to kill this girl? She is not guilty of any crime, nor has she done anything that deserves death”.

“I need her dead so I can get my inheritance. I hate the stupid machine. I will pay you whatever price you demand for her death. If she dies, I get everything”.

Zara moved quickly. She slammed Warren up against the bookcase and pressed her body tightly to his; ensuring he could feel every part of her. Leaning forward, she whispered in his ear. “And you would put yourself above her? The death of an innocent would mean nothing once you receive your inheritance?” Zara felt something rising against her leg. She smiled. The man was like putty in her hands. She had him exactly where she wanted him.

“No” he said; a bead of sweat trickling down the side of his face as he struggled to control himself.

“You could deal with having that on your conscience for the rest of your life?”

He gulped. “Y-yes”.

“You could tell your children, your grandchildren, that you had an innocent person killed just so you could rob them of what is rightfully theirs, just to satisfy your own greed?”

His eyes were wide; staring at hers. “Y-yes. I-I could”. Zara pressed her body even tighter to his, and held his head between both of her hands. She kept his gaze, she stared into his eyes, unblinking. Warren caved first. He blinked. Zara stayed where she was. She could see the discomfort in the man’s eyes. She could read the desire. He would have her right there and then if he could. But he was terrified of her.

“So be it”. She stepped away from him and his eyes immediately drunk in her body once again. “HEY!” she snapped. “My eyes are up here”.


“But what? You want this girl dead. Fine. She is as good as. But that does not give you the right to stare at me now does it?”

“N-no. S-sorry”.

Zara smiled. “Just kidding sweetie”. She kissed him on the cheek. “But do that again when Ezra’s around and he will fucking gut you”. Ezra stepped once more from the shadows.

“The watch is good. It will cover the first half”.

“Let’s go find us a robot girl” Zara said. She walked to the door and looked back at Warren. A stain was spreading on his pants and down his left leg. She blew a kiss in his direction and followed Ezra through the door.

The End

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