Ezra: Warren MeriwetherMature

The dying sun cast its vermillion glow across the sky as it descended below the horizon. The towering concrete denizens that made up London city loomed over Ezra’s head as he passed through the narrow cobbled streets. Zara had told him the address, and she was going to meet him there. A new client awaited them; one who would pay well.

He turned a corner and came to a stop outside the house. Zara was on the doorstep waiting; her face masked by the cloth of her hood. Ezra could only see her eyes; and the beautiful violet shade they were.

“This is the place?”

“This is the place” she nodded.

“I’m going in through the door”.

“I’ll wait on the roof”.

He watched as Zara sprung to her feet and clambered up the side of the building and onto the roof. She disappeared from view. Ezra moved forward and bent down to pick the lock. In a matter of seconds he was in. He paid no heed to his surroundings; he simply moved through the house; trying to find the study. It was located at the rear of the building. Ezra entered and walked over to the corner; wreathing himself in the shadows.

An hour passed before the door opened. The silhouette of a tall man entered the room and left the light off. He walked across to the desk and turned on the lamp. Ezra remained in the shadows; observing. The man sat down at the desk and sighed. He pulled a pocket watch from his waistcoat and clicked it open; obviously expecting them.

The man went and poured himself a glass of wine. When his attention was on the wine cabinet, Zara dropped silently into the room through an open window. She flitted across to the desk and took the man’s seat. He turned and saw her. The glass fell from his hand and shattered as he shrieked aloud.

“Mr. Meriwether?”


“I believe you are interested in hiring our services?”


Zara stood and moved behind the seat. “Why don’t you sit down and calm those nerves Warren?” Warren nodded. He walked across and sat in the now vacated seat. Ezra watched silently as Zara went and filled another glass with wine and brought it to Warren. She sat herself on his lap and handed it to him; wriggling around to get comfortable.

“Well hello big boy” Zara said, wrapping a hand around Warren’s neck. She made a point of showing the man her bare leg beneath the cloak. “Now what can I do for you hmmm?”

Warren gulped. “Well… I… ehh”.

She took his hand and placed it on her knee. “Come on, just tell me”. Ezra saw the man’s hand begin to slide up her leg and beneath her cloak. Zara let him continue, but her eyes found Ezra in the corner. “My brother won’t like it if you do that” she said to Warren, whose hand stayed exactly where it was.

“What?” The man clearly did not understand the threat. Ezra stepped from the shadows and came up behind Warren. He placed a hand on the man’s shoulder, causing him to jump.

“What are you doing to my sister?” he asked.

“I-I-I-I-I” Warren stammered.

“Calm down sweetie” Zara said, standing off him. “He’s just messing with you”. Warren tried to stand but Ezra held him down with an iron grip. “Now what is the job you have for us?” she asked.

The End

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