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I watched fascinated as the kid my guy had pulled from the streets went to work on the girls eye. I gave him a ruby for it, not being able to find any sapphires and emeralds were worth more, I was a pirate after all. Artfully, with my tools, the kid shaped the gem and inserted it into the glass dome that served as the girls eye. Amazingly, with the addition of the gem, the clock work behind the eye began to click, the false eye lid, it looked like it was made of gold, slid down over the eye, mimicking the look of her real lid on the other side of her face. That fixed, her face looked more peaceful, but that might have been the drug we were using to keep her sedated.

I decided to look at the other mechanical parts of her body, her gears were fast becoming a hazard to herself and everyone else, their sharp tines grating harshly against each other, ripping the girls dress, still the ragged yet stylish one we had found her in. I would fit her in some of my own clothing when we were finished here, but she needed to be capable of not ripping them.

Her limbs were gold as well, and though I understood the want for the precious metal in the head and face, I scoffed at the use of it for arms and legs. Gold was a pliable, soft metal, prone to bend and scratch at distress. It appeared that this girl was headed for a life of leisure, not a life on the streets, and that made me curious as to why I had found her sleeping in an alleyway, mostly dead.

I had my guys go to the engine room and dig up some spare parts, I knew that I couldn't fashion as stylish of limbs as her previous owner, or guardian, or creator, I didn't know what, but they would be far more suitable for the life in the run that a pirate led.

When I got the materials I went to the forge, recently set up and set alight by the engineer of the ship,

As quickly as I could, though it still took several hours, I fashioned a pair of arms and a pair of legs out of the sturdiest material around, the steel pipes that ran around the ship, transporting the steam that was neede to power the ship. The steel pipes was coated in a highly polished material that made them waterproof and immune to the usual problems metal had in different conditions.

I shaped the pip to resemble the limbs as closely as possible, and made joints out of sliding metal plates to hid the gears and provide protection of the small metal parts. When I got back to the cell holding the girl, the boy had polished the joints and the limbs. He was blushing as his task called him to deal with the revealed limbs of a young woman, but he didn't complain. I took my reinforced limbs over to the girl, I had fashioned them to slip over the current ones so that I didn't need the mechanical genius required to let this girl move. I said each new piece into place and fastened it with a screw. When all was said and done, she looked in much better shape. The most damage had been done to her head and lower legs, mostly her knees. I wondered at why she had be crawling, or living in the streets for that matter. Shaking my head, i stood form the low bed that she was laying on.

"I'll ask someone to bring a change of clothes down for her. As for you," I turned to the boy, who stood as well. He was about as tall as I, maybe a bit taller, with dark eyes and light, dirty hair. "You need a bath, and a change of clothes too. Welcome to the crew of the Epsilon, cabin boy." I dragged the kid out of the cell and locked the door behind us. For her protection. I kept telling myself, and it was mostly true. I dragged the boy out onto the deck.

"Ok boy, you report to everyone on this ship, as of now, you are the lowest ranking member of the crew. I am Captain Katrina Wethertoppe." I said it loudly, boastfully. He looked at me disdainfully.

"Blais." He said simply. I figured that was his name,a spend as much introduction as I would get. Kildare came up to us, he was cowed by the lecture I'd given him upon finding the girls ruined face. He knew better than to steal from me, and that's what it had been. He seemed fine now however, and I thrust Blais in his direction.

"New cabin boy, keep him busy."

With that I turned in my heel and went to my cabin.

The End

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