Blais: KidnappedMature

As I came to, I immediately noticed the constant rocking to and fro, to and fro. I hurled myself forward, anticipating the familiar feeling of sickness, and contemplated shouting for a bucket or dealing with having vomit for a carpet. But, at a sudden swing of the floor beneath me, it appeared my choice had been made for me. New carpet.

I groaned and wiped my mouth, simultaneously realising two things. 1) That my pockets were considerately emptier than before, and 2) That the floor swaying under me, the uncomfortable bed and the abundance of wood could only mean one thing: I was on an airship. 

I sat down on the lumpy bed, my mind racing with thoughts. the last thing I remembered was scavenging last night - if it even was last night. No, I went to the docks... and saw a man carrying something that apparently made me angry, considering the outcome. I stuffed my hands in my pockets; nearly nothing left. Well, it appears my instincts need a reality check - so much for a good night. I stood up and, carefully avoiding the sick, looked round the room. A heavy wooden and metal door with a barred window near the top and a large keyhole towered above me, whilst I was nearly crouching just to sit on the bed. My analytical brain set to work on authority and social class, keeping me deep in thought.

Then I heard voices. Pirate voices. Better than nothing, at least, I thought and started to band on the door and shout. After a fair few minutes, a shadow blocked the light from the window, a shadow in the shape of a female. She stood there for around ten seconds then walked away. Giving up, I hopped over the pile of sick and sat on the bed, wondering how the hell I was going to get out of this mess. 

I jumped at the sounds of a key in the oversized keyhole, and looked up. The door swung open and a female figure stood in front of me. By her authoritative stance, I knew she was the captain. 

"Come with me." She said, not even noticing the vomit carpet. I obeyed her, following her across the deck to another cell. And here I was, thinking I'd be getting out, but no; just transferring me. As the cell door opened, though, I saw before me the shape of a girl but made from metal. A lightbulb switched on in my head - that's who I saw in the man's arms! I walked towards her, my brow furrowing when I noticed her eye. The blue gemstone had gone, leaving her eye looking like a tiny bomb-site. 

"Can you fix it?" The flame-haired captain asked me.

"Her eye?"


I studied it again, trying to figure out the machinery behind it. There were a few mechanisms I recognised, but I knew I would have to get in closer to find out if I could.

"Possibly." I finalised.

The End

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