Punishment: DeLuca twinsMature

Blood clouded his vision. He turned the corner into the alley and rested against the wall, sliding down to sit on the ground. His breath was coming in ragged bursts. The crimson liquid was spilling into his eyes, trailing from the gash on his forehead.

There was no sign of his pursuer. The man turned and gagged, heaving the contents of his stomach onto the ground next to him. It collected in a small pool and the stench overwhelmed him. His vision blurred and his consciousness swayed.

“Hey there sweetie” came a voice, “are you okay?” Her voice was soft and smooth, almost enticing. Looking up to see who had approached, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She had shoulder length black hair, and small, almond shaped violet eyes. Her petite, slender body made his mouth water; particularly because she wore nothing but a lace bodice. She smiled at him and caressed his leg with her hand. “Anything I can do for you?”

“There was a man, dressed all in black. He hit me with a knife. I ran away and he chased me… but I think I lost him”.

“Oh sweetie that’s terrible”, she moved her hand up onto his crotch and slid it beneath his trousers and under his breeches. He groaned as her fingers found his manhood. “I’m sorry. That was my brother. Sometimes he’s not very subtle”.

“Your brother?” Her hand now had a full grip on him, pulling it out into the open. She nodded. He closed his eyes as she began to play with him some more.

“He likes to just hit people. I like to take a more refined approach”.

“What?” His eyes snapped open; her grip tightened and her speed increased. “Your wife is not happy with you and your mistress. Not one bit. She requested that your manhood be removed as a punishment for your little indiscretions”.

“WHAT?” A knife had appeared in her free hand. “NO!” he screamed. Ecstasy took over as he expelled his seed, and then the knife swung bringing blinding pain. He began to weep as his hands found the spot, which was now quickly drowning in blood. Through tear filled eyes he glimpsed his now limp again manhood in the woman’s hand, and then there was only darkness.


“What should I do with this?” Zara asked, showing the limp cock to Ezra when he stepped from the shadows.

“Bring it to his wife as proof so she may pay the rest of the fee; if she was as fond of it as she claims, she will recognise it”.

“You have to admit, my way was better”.

“You just wanted to have some fun of your own didn’t you?”

“And you just don’t like it when it’s not you” she smiled, walking over and kissing him on the cheek. Her hand slid down and found his crotch, rubbing him there for a moment before she danced off into the shadows.

The End

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