Chapter Twenty: Stalking and MourningMature

Ezra stood in the shadows, watching as his sister left the lawyer’s office. He had been following her all morning. She had sat and watched that stupid circus for an age; she always did love the circus, but watching her watch them had tested Ezra’s patience. Zara had been talking to herself as she sat on the fence, but Ezra had been too far back to hear what she said. From there, he had followed her to Silus’. He had not bothered to follow her in or try and listen.

                When she came around from the side of the building, Ezra waited a few moments and then slid from the shadows to follow her. If she knew where the girl was, she had shown no signs of it that morning.

                She rounded a corner ahead of him, and Ezra jogged to catch up. When he peeked around, his sister was nowhere to be seen. An empty alley awaited. He stepped out and moved forward, looking all around him.

                “What the-“ He felt the cold steel against his throat.

                “Hello brother,” Zara said, moving around into Ezra’s field of vision.

                “Zara,” he said. She lowered her blade and slid it back into the sheath beneath her cloak.

                “Why is it that you are following me?” she asked. “And don’t lie, I’ve known you were there since I went to Silus’.”

                “You’re getting better,” Ezra said. “A few months ago you never would have seen me.”

                “Or maybe you’re losing your touch.”

                “Not likely.”

                “Stop trying to change the subject,” Zara said. “Why are you following me?”

                “I wanted to make sure you weren’t lying to me about the girl. And that you weren’t withholding information.”


                “It doesn’t appear that you are.”

                “I told you I would tell you once I knew for sure where she is.”

                “You did.”

                “I asked Silus to find out what Warren wants done with the girl when we find her- if he wants her brought in, or if he wants her killed.”


                “I also mentioned killing her will cost extra.”


                “You see there’s a circus in town?”

                “I did. You seemed to be watching it quite fondly this morning.”

                “I think I’ll pay it a visit this evening before it leaves. They must be moving on soon.”

                “On your own?”


                “I’ll be at the Inn.”

                “Not following me?”

                “Not following you.”


                Zara turned and left, striding off into the distance. Ezra watched his sister go.


Ezra entered the cemetery and moved cautiously through the rows of gravestones. He read the names on each before finally finding the one he sought. Here lies Lydia Hiddlestone. Remembered by her friends and family. 05/05/1802-15/01/1845. He knelt down before the grave and bowed his head. After a few moments of silence, he looked up at the grave once again.

                “I’m sorry Lydia,” he said. “If there had been another way, I would not have taken your life. But you knew too much.”

                “She a friend sir?” came a voice. Ezra looked around. A gravedigger had poked his head out of a hole nearby and was watching Ezra.

                “You could say that,” Ezra said.

                “Pity. I’m sorry for your loss.” Ezra nodded. “You know it’s sad, not many turned up for her burial. Seems her family isn’t around, and the bloke she worked for died recently so he weren’t here either.”

                “What about his nephew? Her new employer?”

                “Not a sign of him. Couple o’ women callin’ themselves her friends came by. Said they tried to contact her family… and some Molly girl that she were apparently fond of. They couldn’t find her though.”

                “She hides herself well that one,” Ezra muttered.

                “What’s that sir?”

                “Nothing, my good man. I must be off.” Ezra stood and brushed off the dirt from his trousers. He nodded once more to the gravedigger who promptly returned to work on his hole. Ezra pulled his cloak tight around him and made his way out of the cemetery. 

The End

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