Chapter Seven: TrackingMature

“Lydia Hiddlestone” Zara said. She turned to Ezra with a grin on her face. “Isn’t she that client from a while back you had a thing for?”

“Stop talking” Ezra said. He turned to Silus. “We know the name. What of her?”

“I-I need you to track her down and follow her… keep an eye on her”.


“A client believes she may have some incriminating information”.

“And what information would that be?” Ezra asked.

“I-I can’t say”.

Zara moved closer and pressed up against him. “Please Si” she said, fluttering her eyes at him. “Won’t you tell me?”

Zara could see him struggling. “I… the client believes Miss Hiddlestone has discovered the truth about something they have done… and should that information be made public it would ruin everything they have built. We need you to follow her, and make sure she does not reveal anything to anyone… whatever it takes”.

“You still haven’t told us what the secret is” Ezra said.

“Yeah Si” Zara said, “What’s the secret?”

Silus looked down at the ground. “I can’t tell you Zara” he said. Her eyes flashed and she stepped away. The lawyer’s eyes widened and he took two steps back. “I-I’m sorry… butI can’t… not yet… I’ll talk to my client… maybe they will bring you in”.

Zara stared straight at him. “If they want our services, they had better”.

“We will follow Miss Hiddlestone” Ezra said. “You have until tomorrow evening. If your client will not provide us with further information before then, we will be leaving the city”.

“But not before we take our payment from you” Zara said, “for wasting our time”.

“I-I’ll see what I can do” Silus said, before turning and running as fast as his legs would carry him.

“Let’s go” Ezra said.

“You seem eager to see Miss Hiddlestone again” Zara said, glancing at her brother with a smirk.

“I’m eager to get paid by one of Silus’ clents” Ezra said. “They always pay very well”.

“Whatever you say brother, I would think you could come up with a better excuse than money”.

“Shut your mouth” Ezra said. “Why didn’t you drag the information out of Silus there and then? You know you could have persuaded him, the man obsesses over you”.

“Because it’s fun to watch him squirm” Zara said, “And it’s not like we couldn’t find out who this client is ourselves if we wished to”.

“That is true” Ezra said. “Follow the Lawyer, I’ll trail our Miss Hiddlestone, you find out who wants her silenced”.

“I think you just want to be alone with your beloved Lydia” Zara said as she turned to follow Silus. “Enjoy yourself brother”.

“Whatever” he said, before disappearing into the shadows. Zara took her time, knowing she could find the lawyer without any problems. He was probably tucked away in some corner with his pants down thinking about how she had pressed up against him. She retraced their steps, and made her way back to the lawyer’s office. She watched from across the street. The door was still open; evidently Silus had not made it back yet. As she watched, Silus came scurrying up to the door, hurriedly redoing the buckle on his belt. The lawyer made his way inside the building.

Zara watched the building as she leaned against the wall where she stood. Moments after the lawyer had entered, the lights upstairs in his office clicked on. His silhouette moved around, flashing across the windows as he bustled around. The lights clicked off, and soon after Silus came through the door and shut it behind him. He started off at a brisk pace, and Zara slipped from the shadows to follow him.

“Where are you going Si?” she muttered to herself. She slipped her dagger from its sheath and began to twirl it around. They passed a multitude of people as they went; street urchins and junkies, upper class couples on their way home from dinners and drinks, whores and police. A girl ran past Zara, tears in her eyes and what sounded like ticking echoing from her small body. They passed into a brightly lit part of the street; with no shadows for Zara to hide in. She fell back slightly; all the while keeping the lawyer in her line of sight. He stopped. She stopped. He began to turn. Zara turned and grabbed the nearest whore. She pulled the woman to her and kissed her full on the lips, pressing her up against the wall. She let a few moments pass, and then released her. Zara found herself looking into the face of the woman she had saved earlier that night.

“Hi” the woman breathed.

“Thanks” Zara said. She flashed her a quick smile, and then looked up the street. Silus was just turning the corner at the end. She ran to catch up, glancing around the corner to make sure he wasn’t aware of her presence. The lawyer had stopped and was looking up the short flight of steps to a large house. Zara stole around the corner and came up behind him. She linked her arm with his and planted a firm kiss on his cheek. He jumped, but couldn’t escape her grip. “Hello Si” she said.

“Zara…” he said, staring at her through wide eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“You’re bringing me to meet our client” she said, with a smile. “Shall we go in?”

“I…you… we…”

Zara guided him up the steps as he continued to stutter, and continued to try escape her grip. She rapped sharply on the door, and turned to face him with a smile. The lawyer’s mouth was moving but there were no words coming from his mouth. Zara shook off her cloak and draped it over her arm. She let her hair down from its ponytail, and removed her weapons belt. “Put this in your briefcase” she said. Silus obeyed her command, all the while moving his mouth without any sound. She grabbed his arm again, and slipped it around her waist, ensuring his hand slid down to rest on her buttocks. “You will introduce me as your new girlfriend” she said. “You will say nothing about who I really am. Do you understand me?”

The lawyer nodded. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead. A bulge began to form in his pants. The door opened. 

The End

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