Chapter Five: The LawyerMature

The alley outside the Lawyer’s office was dark and stank of piss. Zara leaned against the wall and watched a whore guide her client by the hand to an even darker corner of the alley. She observed the grizzled, pot-bellied man who had collapsed into a pool of his own vomit. Somewhere, his wife was probably looking for him. A raindrop fell on her head, followed quickly by a second, before a steady downpour began.

“STOP!” Zara turned her head toward the darkened corner of the alley. “HELP!” She stepped from the wall and moved through the shadows. She came upon the whore and her client; and the whore was bleeding. The man had his fist raised, about to hit her a second time. Zara quietly drew her blade, and it flashed through the air. The man screamed in pain and clutched at the stump at his wrist. His hand lay clenched on the ground. Zara wiped off her blade, and sheathed it. She walked out of the shadows, helped the woman to her feet and guided her away. The man had since fallen to the ground, cradling his wound. They left him there.

At the end of the alley, Zara stopped the woman. She had wrapped her arms about herself and she was shivering. “Are you alright?” Zara asked.

The woman nodded. “What are you going to do to him?” she asked.

“He’ll bleed out soon enough. You’re safe now”.

“T-thank you”. The woman hugged Zara and scurried off into the night as the rain continued to pour. Zara stood for a moment and watched her go, then wrapped her cloak tighter about herself and moved back into the shadows of the alley. She took out her ruby hilted dagger and twirled it around her fingers. Its blade was six inches long and was sharp on one side, serrated on the other. The blade, like the hilt, was deep black in colour; her only blade of that shade. It had been a gift; given to her by Ezra on their seventh birthday.

“Hello brother” she said. He stepped from the shadows opposite her as she sheathed the blade once more.

“You knew I was there?” She nodded. “How long?”

“The whole time”. She smiled. “You’re not nearly as good at hiding as I am brother”.

“It is true you are more adept at becoming one with the shadows, sister” Ezra said. “That’s why the sneaking is best left to you. I believe our good friend is out of his office at the moment, I suppose you would like to be the one who is waiting inside to scare the shit out of him when he arrives back?”

“Indeed I would, brother”. Zara smiled. She moved off down the alley and scaled the wall into the back garden of the office. Within twenty seconds, she had picked the lock and made her way inside the ground floor of the building. She maneuvered around stacks of files and documents, glided past large cabinets filled with age old scotch and whiskey bottles, skirted around the plush armchairs and the oaken reading table before coming to the stairs. Quiet as a cat, she stole up them three at a time and entered the first room on the left; the lawyer’s office. The walls were lined with shelves containing countless volumes on various aspects of law, histories of different parts of the world, books detailing intricate sciences, and some miscellaneous reading material. Further filing cabinets filled the back wall of the office; arranged alphabetically by client name.

Zara moved across the office and sat in the high backed chair behind the mahogany desk. She shed her cloak and draped it over the chair behind her, and then lifted her legs up and rested her boots on a stack of sheets in the centre of the lawyer’s table. She unsheathed her black bladed dagger and began to twirl it across her fingers as she waited.

After some time had passed, Zara heard whistling. The door to the office opened, and the lights clicked on, and the lawyer stopped dead in his tracks. “Hello Silus” Zara said, laying the blade on the table, “Or should I address you as Mr. Splendid?”

“Z-Zara?” Silus said, his mouth agape. “W-what are you doing here?” Zara could sense his eyes drinking in her leather clad body; lingering where her clothes accentuated her best features. He paid particular attention to her bosom, before shaking his head and looking anywhere but at her.

“Ask Ez” Zara said.

“Don’t call me that” Ezra said, his voice causing Silus to screech and go crashing sideways into a shelf. Ezra stepped into the room, took one glance at Zara and then turned to face the lawyer. “Work” he said.

“W-work?” Silus asked.

“Have you got anything for us?”

Silus stared blankly at him for a moment, before stepping back out from the shelf and straightening the lapel of his suit jacket. “L-let me check” he said. He scurried over to the desk and went around behind it, before realising Zara was still there. She smiled at him and ran her tongue along her teeth, before blowing him a kiss and moving her legs. Silus waited for her to vacate the chair, but she did not. He laughed nervously before reaching across her and opening one of the drawers. Zara leaned forward and placed her hand on his arm as he withdrew some papers, causing him to stiffen and drop them all over the floor. As he bent down to retrieve them, Zara rested her elbows on her knees and watched him closely, batting her eyelids whenever he looked at her. Ezra stood in the corner, a scowl on his face.

“Well?” Ezra asked.

“I-I don’t think I… let me see” he ruffled through some papers, tossing them onto the desk as he did so. Silus scratched his head, looked at Ezra, then at Zara, and then back to Ezra again. “I don’t have anything at the moment I’m afraid” he said.

“Well then we’d best be off. Let’s go Zara”.

“Aww but can’t we stay with our good friend Silus a little longer?” she asked, running her hand along the lawyer’s leg. Silus jumped and stepped away. “We so rarely get to spend time with him”.

“Leave the poor man alone before he has an accident” Ezra said. “Come, we’ll leave the city tomorrow morning”. Zara pouted, but got up, picked up her dagger and replaced it in his sheath, and then donned her cloak. She went to the door through which Ezra had already left, looked back at the lawyer and blew him a kiss before whisking out through the door.

As she moved toward the stairs, she heard a sigh of “Oh fuck me” come from the room behind her. She popped her head back around the door. “Oh and by the way, Silus” she said, causing the lawyer to jump hastily back to his feet. Zara noticed his belt buckle was now undone and his pants were loose. “If you need us before we leave in the morning, ask for us in the Inn down the street. They’ll know where to reach us”. She smiled. “And if you’d like to just see me, well I’ve been known to visit the dreams of many a man” she winked. With that, she stole from the building and into the dark of the night. 

The End

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