Chapter Three: TheftMature

Blood spurted from the wound as her blade sliced across the woman’s neck. Zara watched as the crimson liquid spilled over the silver metal, and continued to flow over the pale pink flesh of her victim before mixing with the grey fabric of her clothing.

A loud snap echoed from behind her and she turned to see her brother’s victim’s shin poking out from beneath his skin. The man screamed and then Ezra plunged his knife into his gaping mouth. The point of the blade protruded from the back of his neck, and he was silenced as a river of blood began to pour down his body.

“And so ends another man and his mistress” Zara said.

“Do you always have to say something smart after a kill?” Ezra asked.

“Someone’s in a bad mood today” Zara replied.

“Don’t start” Ezra said. He pulled his blade from the man’s throat and began to walk away down the alley. “Let’s go, we’ve got one more to hit tonight”.

“What’s the rush Ez?” Zara hopped along behind him, twirling her own curved blade around her fingers.

“Do. Not. Call me that”.

“Fine!” Zara caught up to him. “So where are we going?”

“A house five minutes from here on foot”.

“For what?”

“We are to steal a jewel from the master of the house, and slit his throat”.

“Sounds like fun”.

“It is not fun, sister. It is business”.

“Well then let’s get down to business”.

They traversed the streets of London quickly, keeping to the shadows, not making eye contact with anyone. It took them exactly five minutes to reach the house.

“Your timing is as specific as always brother”.

“You get the Jewel and I will get the man. Meet back here in ten minutes”.

“No specific instructions on how you want me to get it?”

“Just don’t fuck anyone”.

Zara smiled. “Yes sir” she said. “Where is it?”

“Bedroom on the third floor, according to his estranged wife”.

“Consider it ours” she said, and then she was moving. After strapping her blade back to her side, she sprinted into the side alley of the house and began to scale the wall. Hauling herself up onto the first window ledge, Zara leaped upwards and grabbed hold of a gutter pipe above her. She shimmied along, and climbed onto the balcony on the second floor at the back of the house. Crouched low, she moved up to the windows and pressed her ear to the glass. From within, she could hear the sounds of moaning and creaking bedsprings.

With a smirk, Zara skimmed past the window and climbed onto the ledge of the balcony. She looked up and fixed her eyes on the light hanging from the wall above her. Zara jumped, arms outstretched. She caught onto the light and swung around it, her momentum taking her in a full arc before she released her grip and flew through the air to land on the window ledge of a third floor room.

Zara waited. A crash came from below, followed by a thump. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” The shadow of the master of the house moved behind the curtain below as he went to investigate. Soon Ezra’s blade would find his throat. Zara used the distraction to pop out the window pane and unhook the latch. In a matter of moments she was inside the room on the other side, pulling her cowl down. When her eyes adjusted to the gloom, Zara quickly picked out the jewel where it stood on a pedestal.

With cat-like steps, she crossed the room and plucked the ruby from its home. She slid it into the bag that was wrapped around her waist. As she turned to leave, she spotted a gold necklace hanging around a bust of a woman. Zara made her way over to it, lifted the necklace off and put it around her own neck. She observed herself in the mirror, before shrugging, taking the necklace off and stuffing it into a separate bag; hidden in the inner seam of her cloak. She pulled her cowl back up around her face and made her way to the window.

When she was back out on the ledge, she replaced the window pane. A series of short jumps, and a slide down a gutter pipe brought her back to the ground. Zara ran quietly back to the rendezvous spot. A couple of minutes passed, and then Ezra approached her, wiping blood from his blade.

“What now brother?” Zara asked.

“We collect our payment, and then we pay a visit to Mr. Splendid”.

“Silus?” Zara grinned. “I like that man, it’s fun making him squirm”.

“If he doesn’t have anything for us, then we’ll leave the city for a while, find work elsewhere while we allow Londoners to forget our faces”.

“Lead the way”.

The End

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