Rejuvenation of loveMature

Ness,I wish she was mine,

yet she's not and we know she'll never be.

She likes me for my eyes;

that is clear,

but she doesn't love my soul.




Though the eyes said to be the windows of the soul;

her eyes are the key to my heart ;

her soul should be entwined with mine

through my eyes that lead to my soul;

should be the same for her

yet her eyes lead to my heart

fine her soul be my heart,

my heart lies with her 

and she shall never know;




she will never know.


may it be

the fiery gates of beneath that bring my demise

or may it be

the keeper of my heart?.

For vivid eyes that lead to darkened hearts

for spherical  flames that lead to colder climes 

can only bring with all damper times.

For gabby men breed only false tales

while diffident and dead men tell no tales in all.

These wise thoughts

from a young soul vanish when my glance meets her

pulsed, fluttered,red faced;

Ness it seems i'm in love again.



The End

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