Recollections of loveMature

the persona tries to remember the reason why he bears the pain of love
the use of rhyme in the last to stanzas conveys that he is in the process of remembering

Ness,my heart can bear no more love songs

sang by pretentious people;

who know not of what it means

nor can I write this in a rhyme;

my words simply leak out and cling to this sheet

rather like the way my heart clung to yours.

I have forgotten the reason for my sadness

the purpose of the pain I bear in the name of love


-was it-

that silent night filled with that eerie mist;

that final bitter kiss;

that terminal awkward touch

-God- I loved you so much


-was it-

the pain i felt,

that shattering blow you dealt?

my heart now a  broken crest.

splinters of my  emblem waste away within my chest

-Damn- I still hate you Ness


or -was it-

the time I killed,

all the blood I spilled,

the way you scanned my hazel eyes,

when you cried

or that day you died?


-It seems I remember-



The End

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