Death Under Golden EyesMature


The rest of the afternoon went by hazily after the golden-eyed boy left. Why does he seem so bored? Every time he comes into the bookstore, he has that look of utter boredom. When picks up a book, he smiles. With every book that he picks up, he smiles. It doesn't matter what kind of book it is. I feel like he gets excited with a new story--with the possibility that a world outside of this one exists beyond the cover. I understand that all too well. I'm bored myself...of this dump of a town. Nothing to do and nowhere to go, I'm stuck here. I want an adventure of my own like the ones in the books.

"Terra? Are you listening?" an elderly lady asked me.

"Sorry, ma'am. I was..." I began.

"Daydreaming again? Yes, I see that. As I was saying, I need you to lock up tonight. Carl and I are having dinner with the mayor and his family."

"Oh really? That's exciting."

"Not in the least! I expect our lovely mayor is going to try and persuade me to sell this bookstore. Well, he can't have it! As long as I have breath in me, this place will remain as it is and how it has been for the past 350 years!"

I couldn't help but giggle at my boss's frail determined exclamation. She may be old but she has more heart in one finger than our mayor has in his cold soul.

"I'm sure he won't sway you in the least."

"Hah! You got that right! Anyway, would you mind closing up for me?"

"No problem."

"Thank you dear. You're a sweet girl, Terra, and a hard worker. You're bound to find the life you want soon enough. Have patience."

"Thank you. Tell Mr. Carl I said hello!"


Giving me a wink, she walked out of the bookstore...leaving me alone. I looked at the clock. 4:30. Looks like I've got a few more hours to kill. Pulling out my notebook, I drew the golden-eyed boy again. It seemed like that was all I ever did, think about him, dream about him, draw him. I couldn't help it. I sensed so much from him. Beneath his boredom, something dark and mysterious had its hold on him. I feared for him but, at the same time, longed to have what he has. My life was boring but his...was sure to be full of something, even if it was dangerous.

The hours shot past me as I sketched his face. The sudden gong of the grandfather clock behind me shook me, causing my hand to take a sharp right turn on the page. My nearly finished portrait of the boy was now ruined by a dark line across his face. Returning to reality, I realized that it was almost 8:30, well past closing time. I gathered my things together, turned off all the lights, and took one last look at the dusty bookstore I loved to work in before closing the front door. I locked it and began walking down the street.

"...Hey," I heard a voice whisper.

I instantly stopped and looked around. The streets were dark without streetlights that the mayor promised would soon be up. With my eyes barely adjusted, I couldn't make out anything or anyone. Resolving that it must have been the wind or my imagination, I continued walking. This time, I felt the strange sensation of someone watching me. My house was four blocks away, which would be agonizingly slow if someone was following me. None of the other stores were open and no lights were left on. I was in the dark, alone, nervous, and sure something bad was going to happen. What could I do but run?

I broke into a sprint, hoping to either shake the feeling or put some distance between me and my stalker. As I glanced back, someone grabbed my arm and jerked me into an alleyway. Completely off-balance, I crashed hard into the brick wall. It knocked the breath out of me. Looking up, I noticed someone standing in front of me.

"Tere, Terra. Teie hirm ei kesta kaua. Andestust, aga teie surm ei ole kiire. Kuid ma palvetan sinu pärast , et sa ei saanud arvutaja," the man said.

As I sat in shock and confusion, the man pulled out something from his jacket. It glinted in the moonlight and I knew instantly what was coming. He's going to kill me! Scared, I scrambled to get away from him. The man grabbed my leg and pulled me back towards him. I lashed out and kicked him. The man didn't flinch. He let go of my leg but grabbed my arm again, pulled me up, and spun me around. The man wrapped his arm around my neck. I couldn't see him now. All I see is an empty wall. I can barely hear him chanting over the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I didn't know what would kill me first--the man's blade or my heart bursting from my chest.

I pulled at his arm trying to get away. I didn't scream or call for help. I couldn't. My voice was frozen but my throat burned as if I hadn't stopped screaming for days. I don't want to die like this! The man was too strong. Raising his blade, I knew it was coming. I stared at the blade first until my eyes strayed to the moon and the stars. The calming scenery distracted me from the pain...mostly. One. Two. Three times he stabbed me. After that third time, he let me go and disappeared. He left me lying on the cold cement of the alley in a pool of my own blood. I never took my eyes off the moon or those stars...or those eyes. They were there. Those gold-green eyes I loved were right there with me as I took my last breath. I never knew such calming beauty until I saw those eyes. I died smiling, hoping I would see those eyes again.

*Note: In case you were wondering, the language I used above is Estonian. I wanted something not too common, but also fairly familiar (to some) and somewhat pronounceable. Also, I used Google Translate.

The sentence translates literally to, "Hello, Terra. Your fear will not last long. Forgive me, but your death will not be swift. I pray for your sake that you do not become a Reckoner."

The End

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