My Bedroom?

Alone, in my room, which is frankly dark, dingy and very, very cold. Looking around I can see the massive old iron bed which the whole room is centered around.

On the other side of the room there is a grand dressing table, already piled with my make-up and wash kit, yet it still seems empty. The mirror is pretty and is also similar to the one downstairs. I look in it again and get the same chilly feeling crawl down my spine. Wow this house really needs some central heating, no wonder the old bat died, she probably got frost bite.

Off the back of my room there is a bathroom which holds a grand looking bath and sink. The window to the bedroom is tall and gold rimmed, but slightly murky and dusty. The drapes hanging around it are a bleak gold colour which contrasts with the murky purple of this room actually quite well. There is a wardrobe at the back wall of the room which is very hard to open, but once it does it squeaks like mad.

Being bored, I decide to get my phone out and text my friends in London;


I try to send it but there is no signal around here, stupid Scotland.  I lie down on the bed and close my eyes. Seriously how can this get any worse? Just then a huge gust of wind bursts in, blowing the curtains everywhere, papers on the floor and wobbling the bottles on my desk, before going through my bedroom door and slamming it. Weird. I go to the window to shut it but it turns out I was already closed odd. I'll have to tell dad that the windows need re-sealing.

About to do this I start to go out of the room and I noticed that the wardrobe door is open; reluctantly I go back over to shut it again. I swear I closed it earlier, obviously not.

 What Stacy didn't realize was that evil forces had managed to enter her room, and will be there for a very long time...

The End

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