a glance into the pastMature


"Yeah...maybe," Zach mumbles as he gets up and moves to the other side of the room.

      Sitting down on the old soiled sofa makes the break room feel like it's staring at you. Zach stares right back. Empty cubby holes with neatly alphabetized labels still line the walls from back when the room was utilized for actual business, back before the days of e-mail and text messages, when snail mail was the only adequate means of long distance communication. A coffin for ancient communication looming over him. Airhead-B, Misguided-N, Prick-Suck up, W, X, Y, Z. Drool begins to creep out of the corner of his mouth.

      When people lose an immense amount of sleep they shift in and out of REM cycles while doing daily tasks. In his half dazed stupor, Zach begins to see the room shift. The cubbies turn flat and black. Equations are scribbled on all three walls. He can hear the sound of chalk being etched on a blackboard. Words appear in messy manuscript seemingly out of nowhere. When Zach looks down he no longer sees the cracked concrete. Instead his view is blocked by the surface of a desk. "Physics class," he says to himself calmly. The carvings of racy limericks and dirty cartoons from bored past students was a dead give away. Such clever authors.

There once was a fellow named Frisk,

Whose stroke was exceedingly brisk...

That one always got a chuckle or two out of the co-eds when he would re-tell it as his own. As he lifted his head the rich aroma of coffee filled his nostrils. "If I'm dreaming why is this smell so clear?" Zach thought it could just be another pot being brewed by the mailroom staff, but this haunting odor was clearly drifting from the woman sitting in row in front of him. The Auburn haired girl vigorously taking notes in front of him. Zach leans forward lifting his pen in the air. Aiming it just right, he lets his pen drop...clink...it roles next to her shoe. The Auburn girl glances down, then behind her. Her green eyes lock with Zach's. She smiles at him, the kind of smile that can make you warm all over. As she bends over and retrieves his bait her hair falls to the floor. Zach's heart is pounding out of his chest and his stomach feels like its been twisted into two separate sections. The sugar, hazelnut, and coffee aroma are replaced by the sweet smell of vanilla and rose coming from her soft skin. Zach can see and smell everything as if it had happened yesterday. He waits impatiently anticipating conversation with her. Physics was never really Zach's preferred branch of academic study, but the sweet sound of her voice even if for only for 30 seconds made the grueling, mind-numbing class worth his time. She hands him his pen and opens her mouth. "Wake up!"......Crap...... She stares at him, green eyes seemingly burning a hole in his sole. "Wake up dude!" All of a sudden alphabetical cubbyholes begin returning to their rightful places on the mailroom walls. Auburn hair begins to shift to black. No longer are emerald green eyes staring deeply into him accompanied by a sweet smile and creamy skin, but brown eyes, tobacco stained teeth and a double chin had taken their place. Five fingers slam into the back of Zach's skull. A white flash replaces the old Physics classroom and the instant it goes away, Zach's back in the mail break room.  "Dude, you alright? You need to snap out of it man, we got another truck to unload." Lucid dreams seemed to be happening to him more and more. For once though Zach actually wished it were real. Wished that he could live in his past for just a little longer to hear her sweet voice.  Instead he was back in reality. Back in his bland, day to day, mailroom job. Zach looks around, "Damn..."


The End

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