Reboot Camp

Boot camps are s-o-0-0-o-o last century. A bunch of middle aged people sweating through a forest in anoraks and stay-pressed action slacks in order to make meaning of their lives? Thank god for evolution.

Welcome to Reboot Camp - 21st century computer literati can finally shed the trappings of the past and emerge from the experience with renewed vigour.

Gabriel Carter is done with his life, and he's ready to hit the Escape key. But can he survive Reboot Camp? And does a second chance prot

October 16 2010.

This isn't the chapter, but it's my first venture onto this site. If you like the summary and you'd like to follow me through with this then please give me a shout now. I don't want to type words that only I ever see!

One week and counting!


The End

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