It is a hot Arizona day when a strange vision leads to my rebirth.

I remember every detail of that day, because it's really all I have left of my past. Everything else seems to have slipped away. I'd like to think that the memories I lost were taken because they do not matter. Or maybe my world will just change again one day and I will forget everything I know now. 

It was a hot Arizona day during the height of summer. My shoes had long since been cast aside and my feet crunched against the dead brown grass and my toes crumbled the dry earth. The sky was a liquid, cloudless blue. The air was hot and dry, but a light breeze played with my hair. My mind drifted far away. 

I was enjoying my freedom excitedly with runs and jumps and spins around the field when the wind picked up and created a small dust devil. This was as common as the clear sky and dried grass in the desert. It was exciting, though, so I ran towards it.

To this day, I am convinced that the dust devil's appearance was entirely random - a stroke of luck, perhaps. But what happened next is still a mystery to me. I was running at the storm when it simply disappeared. Suddenly, snow was settling around me and I was surrounded by tall trees and the thick scent of pine.

"What a strange thing," I thought. It was how I would imagine being born feels like, if we had the capacity to remember our first breath.

The End

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