Rebellion on Melenya

The planet of Melenya was once a lush beautiful world until it was corrupted by an evil life force. It became virtually dead and only a few pockets of civilisation remained. coming to the head of power was a young, ambitious man who came to control all the people of Melenya. a rebellion rose up and eventually the hero of our tale, Pax Adorbis, rises up to join the rebellion, bringing all under one flag. together they attempt to fight the threat of an evil entity whcih can turned the planet into

Rebellion on Melenya


Melenya, a once lush and beautiful planet turned into a desolate wasteland except for a few pockets of vegetation. The surface had once been kept perfect by the positive life force of the planet. A pure, good substance of enormous power called Jen. The Jen came from the core of Melenya and made it's way to the surface through wells scattered across it created by a highly advanced culture. Jen kept the planet cleansed of the corrupting power of it's negative brother. Scen, evil in makeup and in it's corrupting nature. However, there was once a time when the planet had been covered by sand and ice, before any person had tred on it's surface.

Before the colonization of the planet by human like beings, it was dead, or at least looked like and thought to be so. An ancient, technologically advanced, civilisation had found the planet in its dead form but had detected the boundless amounts of power underneath the surface. They landed, built vast cities and tunnelled deep wells down to the core of the planet bringing forth the pure good jen energy. for many years, these masters of technology lived in paradise until the darkness spread over the land, for ther was another civilisation that had ideas of it's own for the power of Melenya.

They were a warmongering race from the shadows, whose sole goal was to bring their power to every planet in the galaxy, to turn every race into servants of their dark gods. However to accomplish their goal of spreading the shadows to every beacon of light, they needed a power great and limitless to power their machines of war. They were succumbing to their own animal instincts to feed and were killing each other of one by one having destroyed their planet with their unrelenting hunger. With limited time and finite resources, they stumbled upon this flourishing world inhabited by the Forerunners. The Scourge fell upon the Forerunners and, using what power they had for their machines, swept through the defences of the Forerunenrs and took control of the planet in the space of ten days.

With an inexhaustable supply of energy, those surviving Scourge flocked to Melenya to begin the rebuilding of their race. They enslaved the Forerunners, reconfigured the mines and began turning the Jen into Scen. They created this dark life force and drank heavily of this hemlock. The Scourge grew stronger than before but they did not fix the problem of the past and instead it grew and brought them to the brink of extinction. with the higher amounts of energy being developed, members of the Scourge became addicted to power highs which came with drinking the scen. These highs could not be sustained and eventually they fell to cannibalism once again.

This time they fed until only one was left, a particularly devious and cunning specimen named Vellium. He was neither the strongest nor the best in the war machines but he was highly intelligent and fed upon his fellows. However with the huge amounts of energy stored with his brothers and sisters now gone, his hunger turned up the meager amounts of energy stored within the Forerunners, turned slave miners. They did not last a week and with no beings left to leech off of, Vellium, sealed himself into the high cold mountains in the year 2958 and slept, thus ensuring that the Scen now pulsing round his body would keep him alive until he could feed again.

Chapter 1, How it began again

The first colinization shuttles touched down inside the largest city on the planet in 3048. Civil engineers, soldiers and vehicles came out. Whilst no life was detected on planet from the frigates in space, no chances were being taken by these survivors. In the midst of all their fears as they were pushed from their home by and expanding sun, as their numbers had been cut in half by a meteor shower, to be cut again by pirates and after all this saddness and mourning they had found a beacon of hope, a safe haven in the form of a large, deserted planet.

Of course suspicious at first, they had no choice but to land a see what was on the planet and after long extensive searches, they were rewarded with a new home. They brought the regulating facilities back online and got the Jen pumping again. they stumbled across all the discoveries of the Forerunners and made a huge leap forward in knowledge which one have taken them lifetimes they did not have. These advances aloud them to save thousands of lives which would have been lost without them and to remake the paradise of Melenya.

So great was the impact of the Forerunners that inevitably, a religion developed to give thanks for the technology which had saved so many and had provided a new home. the religion, and it's clerics, were named the Regulators, in honour of the towering facilities which brought the miracle liquid from the centre and brought new life. Just as before a beacon was set up and those fleets who had journeyed in different directions from the original group of nine planets, arrived with casualties scattered around but with renewed hope and faith.

years passed, the year was now 3452, the human colonizers had become complacent. The humans forgot the trials which they had to fight through in order to reach Melenya, deference to the Forerunners began falling into complacency that is not to say they weren't still worshipped but they were not regarded with the respect they deserved.

At the same time, men and women of corrupt souls and minds began rising to power. they took and held offices within politcs, the military, religion, every position where power rested heavily was held by someone with goals to elivate themself still higher. However there was one good man within the mix, the king, Hal Bear who still held a lot of power and his motives were not as self serving as his collegues.

The time was coming however and coming quickly when everyone would be awoken from the blissful ignorance in which they had been living for the grass had stirred and whispered to the rocks, which spoke to the birds, which sang to the trees. and the trees rocked the mountain from their roots to their dark heart, waking the dark inhabitant residing within.

No wells had been drilled up here, it was too difficult to retrieve and the Forerunners had not forseen collecting a lot from here. so they had been left and were tainted by the Scen which seemed to seep from Vellium. the mountains grew tall and dark but not as dark as they were within. In the grand chasm where he rested, Vellium's body poured Scen into the ground bringing an impenetrable darkness to the chamber. A chill whisper screamed through, coming from deep below and like two small hungry flames, the crimson eyes of Vellium opened for the first time in just under 500 years.

He stood eight feet tall, a towering black monolith dragging in with wrasping breaths. From his mouth and hands poured the Scen scorching the earth into which it streamed. From this cavern the Scen would flow across Melenya corrupting of killing everything like a plague. The planet had called for freedom from this increasingly destructive species and had awoken one which would destroy all within it's way. It is ironic that with such a vast communication network, no one was aware that on this day the seal on the perfect existence of the humans living on Melenya would be broken wide open.

Cyper Tarssle was sat at a computer console in the regulating facility of well seven allowing himself to slowly drift off to sleep, hoping that Amanda, an eighteen yea old woman would continue to diligently watch the same dials and monitors showing the same information as they always did. To be posted to one of the many regulating facilities was perhaps one of the dullest jobs within the Regulators. It was mostly used to train the new initiates but Cyper was here for another reason.

Back in the city of Crux he had questioned the teachings of the church elder. A new initiate would have been corrected back at the church but Cyper was not a new intitate. Sure he was young, only twenty six so young by clerical standards, but he was not new to the order. After five years of being in training at many postings within the Regulators, an initiate would conduct a kind of pilgrimage to each of the nine cities of Melenya to ask for the approval of each Elder and thereby join the higher ranks of the Regulators. It was the Elder's prerogative to give his acceptance or reject the seeker in which case a council would be convened to decide as a collective body on an initiate.

Cyper had joined the Regulators when he was fourteen, taking up many postings and after his five years he began his travels to each city. He had only two more to approvals to recieve, one from the Elder at the capital city of Melenya named star light in honour of one of the planets from the original nine and the other approval from the Elder of Crux. He had at first been attracted to the Regulators by the ancient tales of those Regulators who had saved many lives. once within however, he discovered that if these heros had ever been Regulators then the traditions had changed greatly.

He had witnessed many acts by sons and daughters of politicians that he was sure would not have been pardonable had they been commited by those of lesser social status. He was right. the religion had become tainted fairly quickly and when he arrived at Crux he was fortunate to discover the true, darker nature of the Elder.

Crux was the town for all the poor, criminal and unfortunate souls who had no where to go. Here they could make a little money to survive and live out there days. The criminal element had exxpanded steadily in Crux in all areas. On his first night in the city, Cyper had gone out for a drink and by a strange coincidence had been caused to vomit in a back alley on his way home. Down this alley as he had attempted to steady himself had been the elder and a beautiful woman. She had a soft body, deep purple lips and light blue eyes. Her once beautiful golden hair had been stained by blood and dirt. The creature responsible for taking the life of this lost woman was ensuring that his night ended well.

The Elder. a man of the faith. Cyper had confronted the villian quietly infront of a class of initiates. the man had gone white at first and then had roared with anger. Because of his honest conscience Cyper had been cast from all lists of advancement with the Regulators and the Elder who had come close to being exposed had been moved to a small town house where retired high ranking Regulators lived out the rest of their days in extreme comfort.

This is the end of chapter 1, part 1. i shall be posting in smaller segments but each shall be named rebellion on melenya part #. i hope you enjoy this first installment

The End

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