May Mind Know Your Name

"Did you bring a chair?" She asks as I enter.

"No." I say. Then I remember that she is the most important woman in the Aurelius System. "Did you want one, ma'am?"

She shrugs. "Some comfort would have been nice."

My jaw clenches. She would not last ten minutes against The Horde...imperfect swine.

"Are you from The Horde?" I ask.

There is a long pause.

"I won't get you a chair." I say eventually. She looks up sharply. I notice her eyes. "We're going. Now, as a matter of fact. You're coming with us. First class, the best accomadation Mind can offer."

She doesn't buy it and I smirk slightly. "Nah, I wouldn't believe that either. We're smuggling you to Aurelius 5 with us. We're...uh...we have plans for you."

There's really no sense in revealing my plans at this point, though she certainly seems able to keep a secret. This game has barely begun and we seem content to hold on to our respective cards for the time being.


"Rayjak?" I ask.


"How do we get her on the ship?"

Rayjak grins.

"We dress her up as one of us." Rayjak nods at the soldier watching the door. "The Wardens don't even know that your boy...Jett..died. Do we have a spare uniform of his?"

I nod. "Probably."

The End

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