Sweet Maria

In the dark, in the cold, suspended in a tank of water, was a little girl.

Her hair floated around her, a halo of blonde strands. She wore a tattered brown dress with a large pink bow on the front.

In a chair, before the tank, was an old woman.

She was weeping. Lifting her feeble head, she glanced up at the child.

"Oh my sweet Maria," The old woman croaked, pressing her hand to the glass, "My darling,"

There were wires going into the girl's skull, wires of all different sizes and color. The child's limbs twitched involuntarily as electric pulses ran along them, directly into her brain.

The lights in the lab switched on suddenly, illuminating the white walled interior.

"Anna? What are you doing here so late?" The old woman did not turn around.

She knew who was speaking.

"Can't a dying mother visit her child?" Anna retorted bitterly.

Stenciled letters on the tank of water spelled out the name 'Maria Blanc'. The barrel of a gun was pressed to the old woman's head. Anna shook her head, wisps of white hair falling in front of her face.

"It's my time to go,"

The hollow sound of a shot being fired rang out through the small lab. The elderly woman now lay in a circle of blood on the pristine white floor. The man who had fired the gun, tapped a finger on the glass of the tank.

Maria Blanc's eyes opened. She had no pupils or irises. The whole of each eye was a blank white, unseeing.

"Hello my sweet Maria," The man mimicked Anna's voice mockingly.

But the girl did not see. She never saw.

Such was the life of Maria Blanc.



The End

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