Xenia Guinivere Kellen

The man left me crying alone in this small room. It isn't as though there's anything I can do though, is there? He's been a soldier for nearly twenty years if I overheard from some of the other, less secretive soldiers.

What was I supposed to do in this room? It was the size of a box and nobody had either the intellect or the decency to get me a chair, or even a cushion, to sit on. The only time I was spoken to, other than the first man, was for regular bathroom visits. These were the people who were the superior race? Hah. I know I was being 'protected' and all, but I still believe a chair should be provided. I'm going to ask for one and some other clothes when someone next comes in to check on me or speaks to me. They probably won't have clothes for females, but I don't care about wearing men's clothes. It's only for decency.

I'm left here for ages. The door is locked - I heard them locking it. There are also two guards on shifts outside the door. They seem to change every two hours.

That's it. I've decided. I've had enough of just being left in a room on my own. Standing up, I move towards the door. I knock on the wood and shout out to the guards outside. "Hello? Could I please speak to one of you for a moment?"

I hear shuffling and the key slide into the lock. It scrapes against the metal on the lock and the door opens. One of the guards looks inquisitively at me. "I know it sounds strange and I also know that this is a circumstance with which none of you are used to dealing, but would it be possible if I asked for a cushion and some new clothes?" I indicated my attire. "Mine are a bit messed up. I know I'm going a bit far now, but I'd really love a shower, considering I was in a pod for a while and now stuck in this small room alone." The guard looks confused, but nods. I decided to ask for the one thing I knew they would agree to anyway. "Could a message also be given to the man who came to see me before that I would like to speak to him again please? Thank you. Your effort is much appreciated." I smile and realise I have my head cocked to one side again. It's becoming a habit now.

With that I sit and wait while things are sorted for me. Maybe these people aren't that bad after all.

The End

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