Winning Over The Lost

I leave her, crying. This isn't right. She just implied that Mind didn't have our best interests at heart.

She's a heretic. She's a heretic but everything she has said makes sense to me. Why do we all need to look the same? Why can't we suggest that Mind isn't perfect? Nothing is perfect...except humans because of the selective breeding programme.

Some of the things that we've been fed just sound so stupid. 


I get all of my men, all of the men I trust in to the mess hall just before lights out.

"Guys, most of you heard that we found a girl today."

Whispers start up amongst all of the men. It had just been a rumour...but here was their commanding officer stating it as a fact.

"She's said some things, and it certainly helped me realise something. Most of us have been here for twenty years because...damn it, I'll say it...because we aren't 100% commited to Mind."

There are a few cries of objection but I choose to ignore them.

"I'm going to even dare say that you've been following me instead of Mind."

I check Sergeant Rayjak's face, he nods at me.

"I've kept you alive. We've kept you alive, not Mind."

I say, gesturing to Rayjak and Sabiru.

"A lot of young, innocent people have died for Mind. I personally think that we should have our own lives. What give The Purple Brigade the right to tell us what to do? Because they're stronger than us? I haven't seen any of them out here fighting The Horde!"

More of my men are nodding now, they're with me.

"I wouldn't force anyone to risk their lives for me when we get back. But for those of you who agree with me, here's my idea..."

A few of the troopers leave at this point, but the rest stay, hanging on my every word.

"We're going to smuggle this girl to Aurelius 5 and we are going to overthrow Mind!"

They cheer. Rayjak grins at me and Sabiru remains passive.

We can do this.

The End

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