Xenia Guinivere Kellen

"First things first," says the man who was gawping at me so intently at first, "where did you come from."

I eye him suspiciously, trying to work out whether I can trust him or not. I go for the sarcastic option. "It's the same with all humans. When a mummy and daddy love each other very much..."

"At least I know you understand humour." he said dryly.

"How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you aren't going to run off and tell someone I'm to be killed? How do I know you'll do the right thing?" I say, my head leaning right, my blonde fringe falling across my face before I can pull it back to where it's supposed to be. "How do I know anything about you?"

He looks at me, trying to read my emotions. "Good look with that one." I think. "You're still convinced we're two different species since we look different.

"You don't even think we're both human, do you?" I ask, sceptically.

He pauses. "Well, I've never seen a human like you, can you blame me?" Okay, he has got a legitimate point.

"I suppose. It's because the Mind has brainwashed you all into believing you're perfect the way you are." I still have my head tilted. "Do you even know what happened in the 'perfect' breeding programme the Mind set up?" He shook his head. "All the people who didn't fit what he wanted, everyone I'm decended from, my family, my friends, everyone I had in my old life," my voice is breaking up and I fight back the tears. "They were sent away. Discarded like broken toys. Left to fend for ourselves. At first our numbers dwindled, but then we got a grip on life and learned how to set up a society of our own. I've come here with a message, but I'm not revealing anything more unless you can convince me you're not like the rest of them."

He looks at me disbelievingly.

"Good luck, cause you're going to need it. They sent me because they know I'll make the right decision, whether it's you or not."

With that I break down into tears.

The End

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