In My Mind's Eye

There is a girl in there.

There is a girl and she is talking.

I haven't seen a girl in twenty years. All of the soldier's I've fought with have been men. But that's not what shocks me, not really. She looks nothing like a human. Centuries ago, Mind decided that we should all look perfect so the Purple Brigade had initiated a breeding programme.

Everyone was tanned with black hair. Everyone was descended from perfection. I tear my eyes away from her and look at Sabiru.

"Any plans?"

Sabiru shrugs. "Take her back, I guess."

I nod and gesture to two of the Troopers. "You're going to carry her back."

"Her?" One says, smirking slightly.

They reach the pod and their mouths open in wonder.

"Concentrate, guys. The Horde are still around here somewhere."

My statement was proving to be false. As we make our way back the way we'd came, we don't see any enemies. I can't help but expect that there's an ambush heading our way. Sabiru feels it too, but we make it back without incident.

"Sergeant Rayjak?" I say once we're inside. Rayjak stops yelling at his men to turn and salute me.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Find two men you trust and have them protect the girl. I'll interrogate her soon."

"Yes, sir...protect her?" Rayjak queries, a teasing smile creeping across his face.

"Guard her, I mean. Make sure she doesn't escape..." I wave him away. I'll be the first to admit that there isn't a rulebook on this kind of situation. All we were ever supposed to do was fight The Horde. We weren't supposed to interrogate genetic anomalies.

I sit in the shower, wasting my water ration while I contemplate my next move. I could just keep her contained and leave it to whoever replaced us here in two days.

But no, curiosity gets the better of me and after getting dressed, I enter the room where she is being kept. She's sitting in the corner...there aren't any chairs in this room. We've never taken prisoners before, and the Janitor's closet was the best place we could find.

I sit down next to her. "You speak like a normal person, yes? I heard you earlier."
She turns to look at me. I can't read her eyes for any signs of emotion.

"First things first, where did you come from?"

The End

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