Life Outside the Pod

Xenia Guinivere Kellen

The first thing I saw was a face staring attentively down at me. It was a male human, at least, I think. I had only heard of people who looked like him before. My pale skin and blonde hair was entirely different to his tanned skin and dark hair. It was alien to me. His face was covered in sweat and dirt, his clothes looking vaguely like a uniform under all the mud. All the time I'd been watching him, he had only stared open mouthed into the pod I was contained in.

I was aware I hadn't moved except to open my eyes since he opened the pod. I wasn't sure what to do - whether I was safe. I knew there was a specific reason I was here in this pod, that I was in 'enemy' territory, but I didn't know who to trust or who to tell.

Instead, I looked behind the guy who'd opened the pod. He was with another of his particular kind. From the confused look on his face,  he couldn't see me properly. It looked as though he didn't know who (or at this point, what) was in the pod. He looked confused and unsettled, but I wasn't expecting to be immediately accepted.

My flickered back to the guy who'd opened the pod.

"So," I started. "Are you going to let me out, or are you just going to stand gawping at me until you get shot?"

The End

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