In The Beginning.


In the beginning was the beginning...what more could be said. They say change is one thing that remains constant; I guess it's what took over the world, times changed, seasons too and yes, humans were not left out for as many of them that remained had gone through some sort of reformation, some sort of...change. This new world, once a Utopia, an Olympus, call it whatever you would refer to a refuge land as had also felt the blow of this virus-change- and what now remained of it is what I'd call "the ravage of time". But we're just at the beginning here so let's try not to beat the gun.

In the beginning was a world evolved from science and advanced with sorcery. Although built on a weak foundation of trust and freewill, she was a beauty to behold, just the simple thought of her being some sort of Shangri-La brought joy to the heart of every creature. Even when this new earth had been dominated by the elites and the rest of the world left to linger in a decaying organic ball which oozed of land fill gas and was slowly drifting towards the sun, the gospel of equality was still being sent across from those in power.

One might wonder how this new world had emerged, how the migration to Sigurhad occurred and how the multitude of society had been left behind at Praeterita-for that was what their old world, the old earth was called.

The earth, or Praeterita as it was now referred to had grown old, had gotten weak, fragile. The forces that held her had given up on her, thanks to her inhabitants-humans. Earth evolved from the not-so-haven condition which it was into a chaotic wasteland, landfill gas oozed from every corner, the clouds had almost disappeared and the few ones which floated in the sky had been turned grey-black. Most part of what had been land had been devoured by water causing the world to look like some pool filled with debris. Praeterita had been polluted to the point of causing genetic rearrangements to humans as elements combined radically to create airborne mutagens which eventually gave rise to a species of creature that roamed the earth-Beastly Humans or Beasts for short, only in this form was survival assured and so it was only natural that humans sought to spread these mutagens intentionally seeing how much the people craved for it. It was the search for survival in this ending world that made humans seek help from beyond the natural, it caused these innocent beings to delve into the dark realms of life in search of help, and help did they get for this quest for knowledge divine unleashed the underworld to the surface.

No matter how much they tried to survive, their end still seemed not so far off for the world in which they lived never happened to be affected positively by all their endeavors. It was at this point that the need for a new home was felt, one that would be as resilient as the Beasts that roamed Praeterita and at the same time be independent of the unseen forces which once held Praeterita but had now left her to the magnetic pull from the sun-it was only a matter of time before she saw her end- and so, Sigur was created. It was no ordinary world, for it was birthed from light and darkness, good and evil, old and new.

Sigur was created by pure breed humans from the DNA of Beasts whose genes had been altered so badly that they could withstand virtually any condition. This, of course, was not enough to set Sigur in motion for it remained prone to the overwhelming pull of the sun and so it was a daunting task for as many that had knowledge from the nether realm, Devils as they were called, to create safeguard for this new world, a supernatural force which surpassed the grip of the sun. Sigur's creation would never be complete without the blood of the hundred priests which had laid their lives in order that the 9th portal of Babylon might be opened, it was through this portal that the pure breed humans were able to set this new world spinning in the galaxy.

She was a fine product from the fusion of alchemy, science and sorcery. Sigur was perfection, Alchemic Sorcery, her creators had called it.


The End

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