Drakmor was led to the room full of weaponry once the King had finished his speech. It made more sense now. Why sacrifice needed soldiers on unknown horrors when you could use prisoners. After most of the prisoners died and some of the Kings's spies had observed the way the enemies fought, it would make getting rid of them possible for the army with thought out strategies.

As for this Empress... Yes, Drakmor remembered her. She was a little girl when he came into Galabria. It was no wonder she hated this new King, seeing how he most likely had taken the throne from her father - or possibly even her.

Once Drakmor was in the room, his guards positioned themselves by the door. They were not the guards from the previous day. Instead, they were named Biggs and Wedge and they both seemed to be interested in what Drakmor would do, though most likely so they could test their own might against him. 

Drakmor decided to ignore their threatening eyes and lean against the door to the outside of the Citadel. He had no need for weaponry and the sunlight that shone through the open doorway was inviting. It had been far too long. Maybe Valeria would be watching this same sun from beyond life?

"Left bereft, right to the- Why hello! Are you part of the team?"

Drakmor turned to where a newcomer had entered the room of weaponry. From the physical look of this new man and the tools he carried, this man was an inventor. How good would it feel to make something again? Drakmor eyed the tools on the newcomers with longing. No, he didn't need to dwell on the past.

Before anyone could speak further, the doors from where the meeting had taken place opened once more and two guards carried in a young female that had been declared the 'Empress.' Aside from what she was declared as, this empress did not look the part in the rags she had for clothing. 

Instead of talking to the newcomer - mainly because smalltalk isn't something Drakmor enjoyed - Drakmor decided to answer the inventor and end his speaking. "I suppose so."

The tinker - which was a more accurate description of the man with the way he was now picking through some scraps of metal - just smiled. "Are we all?" There was no doubt he had included the other girl in that question. Of course, the 'empress' was too busy being controlled by being shoved into a chair to really hear him.

She still did though. Her eyes glanced at Drakmor before moving toward the tinker with his infectious smile. It was obvious his tools and materials he had been given was better than even his freedom. The girl did not see this. 

"Are you both crazy? This is a suicide mission, not some damn picnic!" she yelled, giving up her fight on standing back up. Her eyes went back to the tinker. "What are you smiling about? A washed up inventor and a cyborg man. You've got to be kidding me! Guards!" The guards, of course, ignored her and went to setting up some strange device on a table. Drakmor was more curious where this girl got her information, though. He hadn't even told the previous King he wasn't human...

Drakmor decided to not let it bother him. Why would it? People had known before and it wouldn't effect the way things played out this time. "This one is interesting..." She really was.

"But the man of the chair assured me, there would be plenty of on the job training. There's nothing to worry about." Well, the tinker was optimistic. Drakmor wondered how long he would last against enemy soldiers or whatever kind of animal the King was sending them up against. Maybe it was just a rebellion, but it was still dangerous for regular people.

"Job training?" the girl asked. 

"Well, how else do they expect us to fight demons?"

Wait.. Drakmor walked into the room a little ways and looked at the tinker. "Demons? Are they dangerous?"

The girl cursed something under her breath. "Of course they are dangerous!" She then turned to the tinker. "And I don't expect us to fight, I expect us to die!"

Drakmor couldn't help his own grim smile. He didn't know these were demons. Not just soldiers or animals, but Demons! Maybe... He stopped his smile when he realized the girl shivered. Was he that scary?

The tinker seemed to darken as far as his mood went. "He didn't mention that..." he picked up one of his tools and a piece of metal from an unknown contraption. "But, we have tools... and... scaps."

Drakmor turned to look at where the guards were still setting up their device. "If all goes well, tinker," Drakmor said without turning, "Then you shall have even more scraps."

"I have my mother's tome. Up until yesterday it was a fictional book to me." Tome? A book? Maybe it was information on the demons..

"Does it tell you where the most powerful of the demons are?" Drakmor asked curiously.

"Doubtful," the girl replied, " Though I haven't opened it in years. I'm more interested in the oracle who gave my mother this book. This curse..."

The tinker went back to his work from the sounds he made and Drakmor himself was not interested in a curse. As far as he was concerned, living was a curse. "Sorry, girl, but I am afraid you have bored our tinker and I am only interested in something deadly to me."

The girl rolled her eyes. "By all means, sir, dangle yourself as bait, but not all of us have a deathwish."

"Why yes!" the tinker said suddenly, "I am a tinker! Not an inventor, not really... It's a-"

"Deathwish?" Drakmor said, interrupting the tinker's words, "More like a faint dream." Well it was more like a dream of a dream. Unobtainable. "In any case, I am Drakmor Vayr." It was a better way to be referred to than 'cyborg man.'

"I'm a tinker!" Now Drakmor was curious about the man's name. He usually wasn't, but his bad habit of wanting to know everything came out sometimes.

"Usually I tend to not care for names," Drakmor said to the tinker, "But I enjoy tinkers and engineers, so your name is one I will want to know."

"My name is Xander!" the man replied. Well that was one. Drakmor turned to the girl, but she started talking before he could even ask.

"I'll make a deal with you Drakmor Vayr," She said, "Survive long enough to help us devise a survival plan and then I'll gladly throw you to the sharks." She then caught the tinker's eyes in her own, sort of like a King would do, "And you, Tinker man, better be half the inventor they say you are." Maybe she had been empress.

"People talk about me?" Xander asked.

Drakmor smiled. "I tried the sharks, you know," he said mainly to himself, "But they didn't work. I suppose a little longer living wouldn't hurt." Better to allow others to live before dying off, Drakmor thought. "What is your name, girl?"

"You all are talked about," the girl said, "and my name is Sage."

"Sage," the tinker said with an amused expression, "What a familiar name."

Drakmor simply ignored the tinker. He just didn't want to call her 'girl' all the time.. "Are there any others?" If Drakmor had to keep just two alive, it would be easier.

Sage smiled at Drakmor's question and shrugged. "That information would cost you."

Drakmor nearly cursed due to his curiosity, but controlled himself. "I only deal in time. How much?"

"Not your brains obviously, but I could use your immortality to my advantage. Give me two weeks." Two weeks, huh? Not even a moment for Drakmor. 

It was then that Drakmor realized there was a girl standing behind Sage, staring at her with wide eyes. When had she gotten there? Drakmor wasn't the sharpest person, but even the guards and his 'teammates' had not seen her until just then. "Immortality? Who?" the newcomer asked.

"Seems like our deals off," Drakmor told Sage, then turned to the newcomer. Yes... she sounded familiar. If Drakmor remembered correctly, her name was Rei and she had been in the cell beside his. "You must be Rei." She reacted, proving his theory. 

As Sage told Rei that it was Drakmor who was immortal, the guards placed a bracelet around his arm. The tinker was made to wear one, too, but he grimaced as it was fastened. Sure enough, Drakmor felt a needle go into his arm as his own was locked. So, they had plans? "Guards," Drakmor said as they finished, "I am leaving to obtain new clothing."

As expected, the guards let him go. Well, with a bracelet full of poison, who wouldn't feel threatened by the guards? Drakmor wasn't sure how to respond, but he decided to play the role of a good prisoner. 

Until he saw the 'demons.'

The End

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