Prologue - Not So BadMature

It actually isn't too bad in here, relatively speaking of course. By which I mean I've been in places that some would consider worse. Such was the life of a, well whatever I am-... was. The more impressive term would be "Inventor" but the more realistic term would be something like "Tinkerer." 

I've invented stuff, so I suppose I am an inventor, but not a big one. I don't invent big things. I almost invented a big thing once, but then I was betrayed by my 'friend.'

It was never a secret that he wasn't actually a friend, more like a business partner. Friends don't steal your work and frame you for crimes.

And yes, business partners do that quite frequently.

Anyways, my... business partner and I started small. I would make things, he would sell them. He always told me that I needed to invent something better, something good, something that would make us famous, because the things that I was making were only just paying the bills.

Of course that wasn't true, and it'd be insulting for him to think that I thought it was. If we were just getting by, he wouldn't have been able to hire more inventors. Or relocate us to a nicer building, or form an actual company. 

I knew. I always knew. But I didn't really care. As long as I could continue doing what I enjoyed, I didn't care in the slightest. Tinkering wasn't a job for me. Well, it was but it didn't seem like it. I enjoyed it. I did it for fun, and as long as I could continue doing it, I didn't care how much money my partner conned me out of.

But then it happened. I invented something big. I poured so much of myself into that project that when I was finished, fame, fortune, and retirement didn't seem like such a bad thing. But not only was it a means to a peaceful end, it was a means for me ton continue my favorite hobby as... well as a hobby, and not a job. There would be no pressure, no deadlines, no business partners. 

But after that happened, something else happened. My partner conned me out of my own invention. I never understood why. He would have received a healthy portion of the profits, and that would have been that. But he had to have it all.

My dreams were gone. So I pushed back, and tried to regain control of my work. I was winning. The verdict was going to go to me. My partner wanted it all, and now he would have nothing. His business, built on funds extorted from yours truly, would be taken away, his fortune... well technically my fortune, seeing as how most of it should have been mine, would be gone, and my work would be mine to sell.

And then after THAT happened, something else happened.

Mysterious tips led to mysterious substances which had mysteriously appeared in my residence. I was arrested. I lost the case. I lost my invention.

But I digress. It's not so bad in here. It almost seems unreal. Like perhaps I'm just having a really long, really bad dream. If I can convince myself that this is a dream, then I can convince myself that I wasn't betrayed. And if I can convince myself of that, then I can convince myself that I'm happy here as I wait to wake up and get back to doing what I enjoy. 

Get back to doing what I enjoy... maybe invent something big. Something terrible. Something destructive. Something that I can point towards my business partner's office, and, after saying some quippy one-liner, blow him up. Blow him up like the s-


It's not so bad in here.

It's not so bad in here.

It's not so bad in here

Yes it is. 

- Xander -

The End

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