Prologue - SilenceMature


No despair, no pain, no joy, no pleasure. No, there was nothing in this prison cell except silence. At first it was almost unbearable, not moving for so long, but as the years had rolled on and the pain from hunger had evaporated in the presence of the Pheonix's Feather, I had stopped caring. What right did I have to care anyway? Unlike the other prisoners, I was here under my own volition. I had thought maybe ten years of not moving would be enough. 

Enough to die.

"Valeria.." My voice sounded hoarse and nearly silent as the dirty cell I lay in. I hadn't spoken her name - or even spoken - in at least five years, yet she was still vivid in my mind. Her long black hair. So long and silky. Her flawless skin. So white and pure. And... her eyes. 

Her lifeless eyes. Staring at me. Pleading for help even as the life had left them. What could I have done, though? How could I have saved her? It was my fault... And that's all there was left. My crime. My darkness. My solitude. They were all the same thing and also all that I had left. 

Death was, of course, the only option. But... How could I, who has been cursed with an eternally adaptive body, die? When I drowned myself, my skin developed a way to absorb an adequate amount of oxygen. Lava simply made me able to tolerate extreme heats. Hanging was simply boring. Even being stabbed rapidly only made me pass out. 

Oh Valeria... How would I ever see you again? 

The facility... That was the last time I saw her. We were together then. We had to go through hellish experiments that put most of the others in a state of insanity, but we survived and even made happy memories. So many others had left me. Lucas, Lorenzo, Randal, and even my dog, Lady. All of them disappeared. Maybe died. I didn't harbor any hope anymore.

As for Valeria... I couldn't lose her. So, I convinced her to escape. We would flee and be free. Live a happy life together. Maybe even make a family... No one would abuse us anymore. But... When the time came to escape... She...

I shook my head, breaking my neck in the process. Since I had not moved for so long, my bones seemed to have become brittle. Pain blossomed in my back as my body adapted itself to readjust my spine and put it back in place. As I sat up, the pain became more extreme and my bones broke rapidly, only to heal and adjust in strength. the only part that didn't break was my right arm.

I looked at the silver skin covering my right arm. Under that artificial skin was the mechanical parts that made up what was called an arm. The facility had put it on me. I forgot the codename of the accursed thing long ago, but it apparently ran off my own blood and the Pheonix Feather. I would have ripped off the thing for the sake of forgetting the facility, but I knew... 

This arm was the last bit of proof that Valeria existed. 

As the pain in my body diminished and my skeletal system finished adjusting, I clutched my right arm and basked in the silence. Could I not cry anymore? Was there even a God? And was there a devil? Was there even death in my life? I didn't know... 

All I did know was the silence.

-Drakmor Vayr

The End

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