Hope is not an illusion, failure is, and if you fail to see the silver lining in your achievements, or non acheivments- only then have you truly failed yourself. My mother used to tell me this when I was little. Then again, she was oblivious to the world around her...

As she aged hysteria and panic overtook my mothet's rational senses. She started believing things, seeing things, and worst of all she would swear by the book, that they were true. And by book, I mean an old leather bound tomb consisting of  morbid fairy tales. If I had known then, that underneath the crazy, was even an inkling of truth, I would have packed my bags and taken to the hills.

I was sixteen when my mother, the rightful Queen of Galabria began raising suspicion throughout the Empire. You see, her rants were never quiet. This was not the kind of composure a Queen was expected to have.

 People started to believe that she was insane, even my father couldn't talk her down. And so, with this not so well contained problem, our enemies saw a chink in our armor. They attacked us when we were blind sided. In only seven days, did they overtake my Empire. My parents were executed on a very public display. It was meant as a message to everyone. This Dynasty was over, another had begun.

The Tyrant Lord Remerez, offered me a seat in his court. To which, I spit in his face. That was about five years ago, and I've been rotting in this dungeon ever since. So, you see, hope really is an illusion.

- Sage Rosewood -

The End

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