Ian ValeMature

16 years later

I laid in bed my alarm blaring.  I groan in protest slapping the merciful snooze button. I lived for that button in the mornings. Boredom filled my heart, my will to go to school today shattered already. It's not even that I hated school. I was just bored. I have been bored for a long time, but now I've reached the absolute limit of boredom.  For a while now I've been thinking of taking a few years off from uni and just do some work. I'm wasting my time and money with this attitude, but if I didn't go to school next year student loans would hover over my head. In the end it was kind of a shitty situation. I spent a lot of time when I was by myself wishing that the zombie apocalypse would start, or some riot , civil war, or war would break out. So I could escape this existence of mine. It was an immature fantasy. In these scenarios I would often imagine myself as some badass hero saving the day, making tough choices, and sacrifices.  Often in these fantasies I would deny that it would be a far more hellish sad existence where my friends would be wounded or even killed possibly.  I often caught myself wondering if it was a safe fantasy to have.  If it came true and people got hurt would that make me a bad person?  I don't know it wasn't going to happen. I have to get up and face the reality that I should go to school and stop trying to escape into some immature fantasy I had carried with me since I was 13 or even younger.

The alarm sounded again. This time I got up turning it off stumbling off to the bathroom to brush my teeth and make some remark of my unsightly figure.  Man that double chin isn't getting any smaller; that belly has certainly got wider sense the end of summer. I would think to myself . How are those biceps going? flubby.  Yeah. I don't have a lot of confidence but I don't think someone who sits around playing minecraft all day, ducking responsibility deserves to have confidence. 

After the self loathing ritual had been completed I made myself some lunch skipping breakfast. I never ate breakfast never felt hungry, I never drank coffee either, and was proud of it. However I am starting to suspect that may be a reason why I can't keep up with these morning classes. There is tea, but where is the time with that I have 3 minutes to catch bus. My roommate and I rushed through the front doors. we didn't talk much in the morning I suspect his morning were similar to mine although maybe minus the self loathing bit. The bus was only about 20 meters away from the apartment and a few others had already gathered there waiting in the Canadian cold watching their breath drift through morning air.  A few more stragglers made it before the moan of the bus's engines could be heard coming down the hill allowing us all time to get our respective ways to attain a ride from the bus. Once in the well warmed bus no one spoke but just looked out the window as the orange rays of sun hit the barren snow capped hills in the area.  I treasured this site knowing the next few hours I would be  staring at white board trying shove information into my bored mind.  Why  do I have to be bored all the time. Why can't I just go to school not complain get shit done? Everyone else seemed capable of it. Why not me? It's not like I'm stupid or something.

Math wasn't so bad I felt a little better coming out but then came Spanish. I hated taking language classes, but to get this degree I needed to take it, and since I didn't take the last bit of French in school I had to take languages courses. Bullshit. At least after that I had some free time. Not really I should be sticking my head in some book and reading the fuck up on something. I couldn't do that at home though because I would probably just play minecraft. So I escaped to the library reading every paragraph. I didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything but I did finish the a few chapters in a few hours and justified the right to go home.

Halfway back up to the house my phone goes off.

'Ian wanna play some halo at Marks place?"

'yeah be there in a bit'

That would be kind of fun break from the boredom; but somehow at the end I could feel that boredom would meet me at the end and latch on to me like a parasite. Feeding off everything that was enjoyable in this world.  I got off from the bust stop making it over to my apartment the sun was already sinking into the hills it was going to be dark soon. I should probably have some dinner but that would delay me getting to Mark's place. I didn't really have the money to go out either. Hell I will just bring over some chicken and cook it at his place if he doesn't like it fine. I won't come back. Who need's socialization? Probably me. I always felt irritable at a basic level it probably pushes every one away from say my roommate somehow he put up with it because we seemed to get along famously.

Once I had dropped off my bag, I went to grab the chicken in the fridge guess it was a few days old it was rank. Holding down the contents of my stomach I managed to get that bad boy in the dumpster. The joys of bachelorhood. I used to be proud of my bachelorness, but now it was getting old, and I really did despise being the only guy without a girlfriend in the group. It's been almost two years now.  All though I did turn down any opportunities that turned up so it was my own fault.  Now with my appetite gone I jumped into my car turning on some music up as loud as I pleased getting some cheer out of it as I rocked out done part of the highway regaining my appetite. Hell why not some sushi. I would love myself some sushi.

'hey where are you?'

'are you coming'

'yeah just grabbing food'

'can you get me some'

'will you pay'

'can I owe you a few beers later?'

' you already owe me a few beers'

'who denies more beers?'

'alright alright what do you want I'm at sushi restaurant'

'a bowl of rice, kani kani, cucumber roll'

' who the hell orders a bowl of rice. Going out for food means getting food you don't normally make or get often'

' you don't know my past'

'whatever be there soon'

It didn't take long for the food them to prepare the food, but by the time it was done it had gotten fairly dark out. On my way out the door the cold greeted me but it seemed like something else was in the as if something was calling me in the air. I was enticed and on a whim I placed my food in the car and took off in towards the nearby residential area.  As I got closer to what was calling me I could hear voices. They were loud but it wasn't discernible but it wasn't clear on what was being said.   I turned a corner onto a a road for men were standing in a sort of stand of situation.

" Waste them now before they become a threat. The red day artifact is ours and they stole it." I heard one of them.

"That Red Day artifact isn't anyone's but it is dangerous and should be destroyed." Another said.

"Who's that?"

At this point I had stopped but I was entranced on the entire situation, but now my heart was pumping. Their attention was on me and something inside me told me they were violent.

"He's not one of us. He's probably one of your guys. Knew we shouldn't trusted you guys this was fishy from the start." 

"He's not one of us. I assure you." One of the men said trying to cool the situation.

"Well he isn't normal either if we can see him and he can see us. Definitely not an element we can trust either way."

I didn't like where this is going , they sounded crazy to. What they were saying wasn't making sense.  If they were crazy I don't think there was a reasonable way to talk them down either, running was out of the question to being overweight and all.  Fighting them also seemed stupid so running it was. I tried but didn't get very far I heard some incomprehensible words then blinding light.  I was flat out on the ground winded, I also felt like  I was being restrained but nothing was there. I was turned around to looking back at my attackers. One had brandished a dull gold knife and held its cool edge on my neck.

"Who are you?"

The End

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