Pandora's tombMature

The flood lights filled the long forgotten underground mausoleum.  A slight breeze kicked up the dust revealing glassy black floors. Time had been very kind to this long forgotten place.  Elegant never before seen runes and hieroglyphs dotted the pillars.  The flood light as intense as they were had not penetrated far enough into the dark to hit any walls.  Men walked into the room dwarfed by the impressive architecture their breaths stolen away. 

"We've found it. The tomb of Pandora.  We must get to work. Time is of the essence and our mission is clear. It's time to reclaim our birth right. "  A man's voice reverberated through the long forgotten halls piercing the serenity.  Men began to move fanning out through the massive space still in awe of the massive glassy black pillars that stretched far into the darkness.

"We're looking for a large door or gate.  Big enough to fit a 20 story building through." A weaker voice said as a group venture through the room.

"Yes large enough for a god, perhaps even a titan. The scriptures reported that the door should be in the northern end of this room. We only have two hours hurry it up."  A man said with urgency.

They started moving with purpose coming across upon the gate within ten minutes the flood light brightly bouncing off the glassy surface. Carvings of fierce chimeran creatures guarded the ancient door large script on the floor .

" We will not try to stop you. Let it be known behind the door is the human kind's greatest strength and greatest weakness. A great test lays ahead that has been failed before. Blood will be spelt, Some will rise, many will fall. The gods will come, you will be judged. There will be no more chances. Do not disappoint us."  A woman read.

" We will not. Lay out the urns and circles let the ritual begin. Today is the day of Reclamation!"

Hooded figures place urns in semicircle around the door. Once placed alchemical circles were drawn once finished and eerie red glow emanated from the urns. The men began to chant as the chimera on the door resonated back in blue. The Doors began shake and stress as floor began to shake. A loud humming sound came from the hall as if pushing the doors open.  The sounds of stone slowly started crack also filled the room as the door moved backwards. The doors began to disintegrate as a shadow clung to them. The slammed open falling off the hinges. The Humming and shaking stopped as breeze filled brushed past the weary humans.  For a moment no sound was to be heard , then there was deafening roar and engulfing darkness that swallowed everything.


Everywhere else around the world felt the shaking, saw the darkness engulf the sky. Many people dropped to the ground clutching their throats or chest before dying. The sky turned red, the shaking stopped. Meteors started crashing into the ground. Many called it the day of Reckoning. Scientist called it phenomena and would spend the rest of their lives trying to explain what happened. A few months afterwards people referred it to it as the Red day and thought of it no more, but more was to come.

The End

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