Life is a Lie

The box opened easily, to give light to three objects wrapped in pink tissue paper. Sara pulled out the smallest of the three and carefully unwrapped it, it was a small silver box with her name carved on the front of it in curly scriptive writing.

 Sara Audria Parker

Born September 24th, 1992

   Parker? The name was strange to her, her last name was Williams, not Parker. Sara hastily put down the silver box on the kitchen table and pulled out the biggest thing out of the box, it also was wrapped in the noisy pink tissue paper. This thing was thinner though, only a centimetre or two thick. Sara ripped off the paper, her breathing going in faster and faster. It was a photo frame, a black frame with a picture of a woman with medium length dark bronze colored hair that fell just below her small shoulders, she had a gentile smile on her lips, and a man, holding the woman tight to his side, a huge grin on his face, green eyes a bright jade green, and light golden blond hair. They were sitting on a long chocolate brown couch, a large bay window open behind them. They looked so happy....

Sara felt an odd pang in her chest, like she should recognize them. She looked over the picture once over again, the man had his palms open on the woman's belly, there was a little round bump on this slim woman's stomach.

Was she pregnant or something? 

Sara unhooked the four pegs from the back of the frame and let the back fall off, she read the writing the back of the photo.

 Emily & Daniel, March 1992, 4 months pregnant.

Sara could feel tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to do the quick math in her head. This Emily woman would have had her baby in September, the same month of Sara's birthday. Sara looked over the man and woman for signs she hoped she would not find.

   Emily's hair was the same color as Sara's, almost identical. Her eyes had an outer ring the same shade as Daniel's eye color, but rest was the soft blue that Emily had. Sara choked back sobs, she didn't want to look anymore, but she had to. With the photo clenched in her hands, Sara ran into the lower floor bathroom past the living room. She examined the photo carefully, matching facial characteristics to Emiy and Daniel in the photo to herself. 

   ------------------20 minutes later-------------------------

"No!" Sara exclaimed collapsing against the sink, and sliding down the white wooden doors of the cabinet. She had her face in her hands, the picture was lying in the sink. Sara's breathing was shallow as she spat out sobs.

Simon came bursting open the locked door a few mintues later, Caroline was behind him, her eyes were red and puffy, she'd been crying as well. Sara looked up and saw her mother's face, and she knew it was true. She was adopted....

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sara exclaimed in rage, just making herself cry more.

Simon crouched down in front of her, and took Sara's shoulders in his firm grip, despite her thrashing protest. He pleaded for her to stop, finally when Sara had, Simon puller her forward to him and hugged her tightly. Carloine stood at the door still, reluctant to move from her place at the door.

The baby girl she had raised is going to get hurt if she finds out about her father, about her mother. Caroline was hyperventilating,

"Sara, there is one more thing in the box..." she trailed off, gasping.

Simon let Sara go, she rubbed at her eyes and shook her head, "No, I don't want to know what else is in there."

Simon took Sara's hand gently, "Bear I think you're going to have to. You should know everything." he looked up to his wife, the fright at his words plain in her eyes, "We will both tell you anything you want to know." he said firmly, nodding once at Caroline.

 Sara sat wide-eyed on the floor at the man she had always thought of as her father. Just cause she was adopted it didn't really change anything, Sara still loved her parents dearly, but was just a little distant in a way. Her father hadn't called her by her nickname since she was fifteen. She squeezed his hand and stood up, her legs feeling like cardboard.

"Okay dad." she looked up at Caroline, she had a hand clamped over her mouth and tears where still pouring down her face. Sara walked up to her, "Mom, its okay. I'm not mad," Sara pulled her into a hug, "I still love you." she muttered into Caroline's hair, then let her go.


       The last item was possibly more shocking then the photo, it was light, and very thin, almost like paper, Sara thought as she turned it over in her hands. The paper was old and looked like an off white color. Sara held it in her hands uncertain if she wanted to open it or not. Simon saw her hestitation and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I know this is all a lot for you to take in, but right now it's better to just get it out in the open instead of hiding half of your life from you."

Sara shook her head tears filling her eyes, "You've hidden in from me for seventeen years, and now it's a good time to find out?"

Caroline choked on her sobs again. "I never wanted you to know..."

Sara wiped her eyes, not wanting her tears to land on the page as she opened it. Simon gripped her shoulders a littler tighter trying to get Sara to loosen some of the stress out of her shoulders, but Sara was too wound up.

Dear Sara,

   I know this may be hard for you to read after all of these years, but please know that it was just as hard for me to write. My daughter Emily--your mother would have wanted you to know about your family, no matter how many years later it was. You were not given up lightly, if Emily had had a choice she would have kept you and loved you with all of her heart, unfortunately that is exactly why she is no longer with us. She gave her own life so that you could live yours. Your father would probably hate me if he knew I wrote you this, but I'm not really concerned about that anymore, I have a right to know my grand-daughter if she wishes to know me as well. So I write this to you Sara Audria to give you the chance to know me and any other family that you wish. Any questions or such you have about your birth parents please do not hesitate. Please let your adopted parents Simon and Caroline Williams that I am truly sorry for writing this to you and possibly destroying your connection with them, but I'm old and I wish to know you for myself and not cling to the few photos I have of you.

Sincerely,  Janet Parker.

    Sara read the letter over again, bit her bottom lip, then folded up the letter nicely.

"How did she die?" Sara choked out, her voice no more then a mumble

"The placenta detached almost killing you and she lost too much blood."

"And my father?"

Sara closed her eyes afraid to hear the answer.

"He was the one who decided to put you up for adoption. As far as we are aware he is still alive, but when we met him he was very...distraught about losing Emily. What do you want to do?" Simon asked hugging her tight.

Sara sighed, "I wanna phone Logan right now, I need to talk to him."

Caroline finally spoke up, "I'll phone him hunny, just go upstairs and rest for a bit."

Sara nodded and Simon let her go kissing her forehead. Sara went and gave Caroline a comforting hug before heading upstairs.


The End

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