All Grown Up

"Sara hunny there is a package for you downstairs," Caroline said poking her head into her adopted daughter's room, Caroline's sweet, quiet voice barely heard. Caroline's light blond colored hair laid flat around her face, dropping to just below her shoulders, her thick bangs covering her loving gray eyes.

"Really," Sara asked sitting up from lying on her stomach on her bed.       She was re-reading Julius Caesar for fun. Though she had already read the book for her English class at school, Sara couldn't get enough of the book.

          Caroline nodded a worried grimace on her face. She backed away from the door as Sara past her, and down the flight of stairs. When she was out of sight Caroline took off speedily towards her bedroom where her husband Simon was still sleeping.

          She shook her husband roughly, "Simon, wake up!" Caroline ordered.

Simon rolled over, his black hair covering his eyes.

"What's wrong?" he muttered sleepily.

Caroline sat down frantically on the edge of the bed, "They sent her a package Simon, Sara's real family." Caroline was on the verge of tears.

Simon sat up fully awake now, "Has she opened it yet?"

         "Not yet, she is downstairs now." she sighed, thinking about Sara's reaction. The girl wasn't dense, she should have figured out now that she was adopted, she had brown-red hair with blue and green eyes and Caroline was blond with gray eyes, and Simon with Black hair with eyes to match. "Simon she is going to hate us once she finds out what's in that box."

"Well, what's in it?" he ran his hand through his hair.

She shrugged, "I'm not sure, but after seventeen years, they have only sent money for her, never a package or anything."

"Sara had to find out eventually." Simon wrapped an arm around Caroline’s shoulders.

She just glared at him, "You think she is ready to know the real way her mother died, and what really happened to her father," Simon winced slightly at that, "and why she came to live with us?" Caroline was almost shouting.

         Simon removed his arm and dropped his head into his hands. "It shouldn't be kept a secret for the rest of her life Carry. She's a big girl, you can't always protect her." he sighed.

"The hell I can't!" Caroline exclaimed, standing up and storming out of her bedroom, and slowing descending the stairs where Sara was.

The End

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