Single Parent

Daniel's mother Janet held the little baby wrapped in a black silk blanket close to her and rocked her as tears fell over her own cheeks.  The black coffin in front of him was torture to him, to know that his beautiful wife was lying in it, her body once radiant with color and her face always turned up right with a smile was pale, lifeless and never to smile again. He had not even held his daughter again since Emily had died after delivering the child. Daniel could still hear all the screams from the delivery room, his own, Emily's and little Sara's.

      Blood started running down the side of Emily's face, she was convulsing uncontrollably on the white bed, her eyes were wide and already distant. The nurses were trying to shove needles in her arms, and strap her down, the doctor was screaming that something had burst and that she was losing a lot of blood. Emily's face was already losing her color, her head tilted towards Daniel, who was holding Sara close to him, with a protective, and frightened stance. Her nearly white lips turned slightly up in to a smile and she mouthed "I love you" . Daniel wished with all his might that he was not frozen to the floor, that he could run back to her side, hold her hand and kiss her, and tell her that she couldn't leave him, and their new born child. She was still smiling at him when her mouth let out a spew of blood, the doctor screamed at the male nurses in the room. A female that he had not seen yet took the scared and screaming baby out of his arms and the male nurses tried to make him leave. Daniel exploded he didn't know why he did, he couldn't leave Emily, he had to stay with her, he started thrashing and screaming,

"You have to stay with me Emily, please stay with me! You can't leave me!"

His elbow collided with one of the big male nurses' face, the other one grabbed Daniel and started pushing him towards the door, the blond nurse was rubbing his nose but was helping pull and open the door, Daniel continued thrashing against his retraints and screaming, begging for Emily to look at him, to smile, to not leave him.

About an hour later, the doctor came out of the room, the screams had stopped, all noises had stopped, his face looked torn, and upset. His scrubs were covered in splotes of blood, he looked at Daniel with the saddest eyes that he had ever seen, "I'm sorry, she didn't make it." those words trailed off in his mind for a long time, the nurses had already given him a sedative to calm him down and stop him from bursting into the delivery room, but now Daniel just broke down and cried.

        It sickened him to see the little girl now, she looked far too much like Emily. Sara had her hair, her eyes, pretty much her whole face. Looking in to that face everyday brought bitterness and rage to Daniel. Thought it was not extremely rational, he thought that Sara was the blame for Emily's death, if she wasn't born than Daniel would still have his wife, he would be happy, and not stuck with an exact look-a-like of his now late wife.


The End

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