Reasons to Live

Daniel leaned over his wife Emily ignoring the pain in his hand from Emily's steel grip on it. Doctors and nurses were running around the delivery room in a panicked rush trying. Daniel ignored them and focused on her. The usually bright blue and green eyes that he fell in love with seemed to be gradually losing their shine.

  The placenta had been broken; her baby was dying inside her. Emily was dying as well; she had already lost so much blood. Death seemed inevitable for her, but she refused to give up on the baby. She was fighting for her child, and for her husband. Even as Emily looked up at Daniel through her tears she could see that Daniel was looking at her like he always did; with all the love in the world, and like she was the most beautiful thing in the room. Though her hair was probably a sweaty mess slicked back against her head and she was pretty sure her face was smeared with blood, Daniel still looked at her as if she was his everything. She was, she knew that, he was her everything too. Emily couldn't feel any pain anymore, nothing at all. As soon as the nurse gave her the original epidural for the delivery the pain in her back were gone. The other severe medication that she was given prevented Emily from feeling any other pain that she could be feeling from whatever the doctors were doing behind the stiff blue curtain that blocked Emily's view from her lower body.  Emily looked at Daniel and saw tears in his hazel eyes.

"I love you Em." he muttered.


Emily was about to utter the same words that she had said at least a thousand or more times in her marriage but her words were cut short by a slightly muted cry and the over flow of tears.


                Daniel didn’t know what was happening, one second Emily looked like she was going to say something the next there was a small cry in the room, and Emily was sobbing uncontrollably. He looked around anxiously, worried that she was in pain. But no, he saw three nurses holding this little body. A shorter nurse took the body carefully and wrapped it in a small white fleece blanket with little pink flowers as the pattern. An older, slightly taller nurse with gray hair sticking out from her pale green cap took the baby from the shorter nurse and brought it to Emily. She was waiting with open arms and a tight, yet happy smile on his lips. The baby seemed to fit perfectly in Emily’s arms, she held it close to her and wouldn’t take her eyes off it. It seemed like she couldn’t believe that the baby was real, was hers. Daniel couldn’t believe it either. Finally Emily looked up from the baby, more tears in her eyes, and looked at the nurse standing beside Daniel.


“Is it a girl or boy?”


“A strong, healthy baby girl.” She said in a slight British accent. Even from behind the hospital mask you could see that the nurse was grinning too.


Emily glanced at Daniel grinning, “Our strong little girl,” she muttered looking down at the baby, and carefully switching it to her left arm which was closer to Daniel.


    She had her eyes closed, so Daniel couldn’t tell whose eyes the baby girl had, though it was no argument where she got her bronze hair from. The baby had a whole head of dark bronze hair, just like Emily’s. As Daniel looked down at the face of his daughter, he thought his life couldn’t be any better. The little wrinkled face, and tiny out stretched hands in her first few moments of life had already brought so much happiness to both of her parents. Daniel caught himself calling his daughter "her", they hadn't given the baby a name yet,

"What do you want to name her hun'?" Daniel asked leaning closer to Emily to kiss her on the forehead and take the little hand of his daughter. He was surpised at the strength she had.

Emily stopped humming a lullaby to the baby girl and looked up at Daniel, she was biting her bottom lip as she thought. She looked down at the little girl in her arms again, looked up at her husband again and said as if it was the simplest thing in the world,

"Sara," she looked down at our little girl, " Sweet Sara Audria Parker."

"I like that, it suits her." Daniel said kissing Sara's forehead gently. He got a piece of bornze hair stuck to his lips, Emily laughed, the groaned. Daniel shot up, and jumped off the bed. He thought he had hurt her. The next moment that was forgotten, Emily was screaming, a bloody curtling wail that turned into a gurgle. The white sheets that had been placed on Emily's bed were turning red, fast, the whole bottom on the blanket was now red. Daniel started panicking, he screamed for the doctors, nurses, someone. Emily had blood running out of the corner of her mouth, and little Sara was screaming in her weightless arms.

The End

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