Today seems like a good day for making a deal with God

I shut my computer off at the plug - distractions wont do when I'm attempting holiness!
Okay, here goes.

Hii God,
I know I'm not the most loyal Christian ever... Wait, Nanna's Jewish. And Dad's an Atheist. Where does that leave me?
Mum's agnostic; she took us to the Christmas Eve celebration at the church down the road every year. That is, until me and my brother were old enough to complain to the extent that she couldn't be bothered.
Aunty Jayne found Bhuddism... But now all she does is meditate and preach about karma to pensioners.
Okay, whatever, Christianity was my gut instinct religion so Christianity it is.

Um, what was I praying about again? Oh yeah..
God, please, if HE is with HER, give me a s- ARRGHH!!

Right, now I'm freaked out.
The light bulb just popped, plunging the room into complete darkness.

The End

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