Her Ex is my brother. Ewwwwww. Hmm still maybe he could help. He hates her to right?

Eww. I know he has weird taste and everything, but how could he choose her? She isn't even hot or intelligent... and she's a brat. She's too philosophical too.

But maybe he'd be able to help me. I reached towards the phone to call him... and just then the battery went. God damn it. Why couldn't they like tell me first that my battery was low?

He was at his friend's house anyway. I couldn't call him then and ask him for help. I decided that there was nothing to do except go and do my homework for the next day.

I went and got out my excercise and text book and turned the light on. Unfortunately, my eye was right next to it, and it shone right into my iris. I was left blind for another minute.

I started doing the homework, when my brother texted me. He said he's coming home in an hour. Great. I can tell him then.

Then I remembered that my brother didn't even know I had a boyfriend. He would tell my mom, and that would be the end of me. Great.

The End

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