The freezer has stopped working. All the ice cream is melted.

For *@*@* sake!!!

Ben and Jerry's cookie dough should not be left to waste. The freezer broke earlier and mum swtched everything to that old dusty one in the shed.

Everything but Ben and Jerry.
My best friends.

I shall have to watch Poirot without it. Conspiring just isn't the same without ice cream but conspire I shall.
Maybe I could use Poirot for advice on a plan of action...

I press the AV button to start the digibox and BANG!

The little green light on the box goes out and the screen goes fuzzy. What other form of technology can fail me this evening?!

I scrabble around behind the telly and finally get the terrestrial working though the reception is terrible and Poirot looks like a monk.
Now.. advice

The End

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