Thanks For Letting Me Know That Miss Psychic

Ok, ok. Calm down. Text her back.

Hey, For one you can't know we wouldn't have worked. Second you could have stolen him AFTER that was proven if you were so sure. Thirdly please tell him I am not imature. I'm pissed like I have every right to be!

This time I made sure it went to her and not my aunt. Was that a little harsh?

I couln't help feeling a little bad but she had stolen my boyfreind. I had right to be mad like I said. I would sit down watch Poirot and eat ice cream. Maybe I would even devise an evil plot to make him jealous. What about her ex? Or would that be stooping to her level. Hmm prehaps Poirot will give me a sign.

Still the cruel temptation to write another text saying, "Fyi your nose is huge and you have No chest whatsoever " was massive. Little miss perfect thought she knew it all.

I suddenly realise

The End

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