hang up, now he comes crawling back. you should make him beg first

I press the hang up button, then place my phone on my desk. "Ha," I shout to the empty room. 3Now, he wants me. After all that he wants me back. HA! Well, we'll see about that. Screeew you world, he needs ME!" Shut up, I think to myself, he only wants you because he just got dumped. Thats worse than him not wanting you at all. And I know I am right.

I pick up the phone, ready to call him, or not, just decide, whan I notice something. The screen is not my background. I am still on the phone, with HIM! Why is my life so bad? Why do you make my life hell, I ask the phone in a moment of insanity.

I lift it slowly to my ear. "Hello?" I whisper. All I can hear is the sound of very faint, very real laughter. Great.

The End

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