Watch A sad DVD but keep an eye out incase he comes online.


I'm pretty sure P.S I Love You is still in the machine. Should pick up from where I left it.

Where the hell is the remote ?

After searching pretty much everywhere for the DVD remote I find it under a pile of my brothers folders. Just like him to dump everything like that.

Sitting down I press play.

Oh my god ! Why can't I find the stop button on the remote? There it is. No, no, no Its stuck. Oh my god no. I run to the back of the tv and disconect the player.

Collapsing back onto the sofa the only words I can utter "That was DEFINATLY not P.S I Love You.  Unless there was at some point a deleated scene where Holly decides to forget about men alltogether, and develops a fettish for whips and other women. I now understood why the remote had been hiden under his stuff.

I drop the remote hurriedly, I do NOT want to think about what last touched that. 

Eww Eww Eww. I go to wash my hands. When I get back I notice...

The End

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