Buh Bong! You got mail!

Trying to make better use of my time, I decided to go on the internet. Maybe going onto a games website would take my mind off things and also to help calm me down. God, how can I let this jerk annoy me so much - it's his loss after all. Argh, who am I kiddin'? I click on a really interesting game called "Punch-a-Loser"...hmmm, sounds like fun. Then suddenly this little box pops up on the computer screen "1 New Email Message. Go to INBOX?" Hmmm, no surprises who that is gonna be from...

After clicking furiously at the INBOX button, still nothing happens. I press Ctrl, Alt and Delete a few times (a little trick I learnt in I.T class, when I actually listened, that is) but nothing moves. Stupid little computer, it was practically as old as my Dad, a hand-me-down piece of junk. Another annoying box pops up saying that the internet is not responding and the internet will have to close - GOSH! Can I do nothing right? Could this be a very unlucky day for me? Meanwhile, Little Miss I-Get-Everything-Even-When-It-Belongs-To-Someone-Else is probably having the time of her stupid little life over at lover-boys house. As if this is even happening to me, I'm practically tearing out my hair in a temper. Why is God punishing me?!

The End

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