Start jabbing the iPhone. Really hard.

"Okay," I think. "This cant' be too difficult, can it?" I tap the screen tentatively. Nothing happens. "Once more, come on." Again, the phone does not respond. I poke the screen harder. Again. And again. Before long I am stabbing it so hard with my finger that the guy looks at me weirdly.  "Stupid technology," I mutter, earning myself another weird look. "why is it all so damn complicated?" I hand the guy the phone. "Make it work. Please." he taps the screen a few times and voila, the phone lights up. "Thanks." I take the phone from his outstretched hands, and attempt to navigate my way through the home screen. "Call, call, c'mon, call,  where is it?" when I finally find the right one, I press it, only to discover that typing is IMPOSSIBLE. After a few minutes i have managed 0800 7. And , then,t o top it all, it starts to rain. Hard.

The End

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