Thumbs up again.

Is there something about my thumb that is unattractive? Maybe it gives off the air of someone just too damn lazy to walk a quarter of a mile to a phone booth.

I keep telling myself that the next car will stop, pull over and wind down the window, with a smiling friendly face behind the wheel. This car will be it.. maybe not. Ok, so this one is definatley looking promising now...oh stuff that.

I stand there hopefully for what feels like centuries, when finally someone pulls over. Things seem to be brightening up for me.

That's when I notice the thick black smoke pouring out from under the bonnet of the car. "Shoot," I mutter, crossing my arms and sulking a little.

I watch the car pull in in front of mine and sigh as a man gets out of the front seat, cursing and muttering. He spots me giving him the evils, and lumbers over.

He has a long nose and odd, floppy brown hair that hangs in his eyes, and blinks far too many times a minute, but doesn't look to dodgy or perverted.

"Hi," he says.

I grunt at him.

"Lovley day to be at the side of a moterway, isn't it?" He says cheerfully, rubbing his hands together.

I don't reply but glare at the tarmac at my feet. A car honks its horn as it passes by. The man grins after it. Freak.

"So, what's wrong with the car?" He asks, running his eyes appreciatevley over my hard top BMW.

"Out of petrol."

"Well, thats a bummer," he says. "Have you called for help."

"Phone's dead."

"Oh. Right."

"You don't have one do you?" I brighten at the thought.

"Sure!" He enthused, bringing out sleek black iPhone 3GS, and hands it too me. I hold it carefully and about a foot away from me, as if it's a delicate explosive.

"I'm rubbish with technology," I admit. "I might end up breaking it."

"Don't be so silly. I trust you."

I raise my eyebrows at him, and turn my attention to the expensive gadget in my hand. The glossy display baffles me, the buttons and links and numbers are just instant confusion.

"Okay," I tell myself. "I can make this work."

The End

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