I go on msn and do my best at acting "mature"

be mature!

by, of course, deleting everything from him, what good is he now.

hmmm.... maybe, no!, well, perhaps

well... maybe i could write a nasty letter

oh, i know, be mature, mature...

oh, screw it.

dear two- timer,

have fun with your "hotty"  of a girlfriend.

beware though, with a boy like you for a boyfriend she'll find a new one soon

your ( happier ) ex-girlfriend,



go crawl in a hole and die.

i debate, should i send it, or keep on my closet door.

hmm... desicions, desicions


i'm sealing the envelope as my phone buzzes.

i look at the caller ID, him

"what is it", i say harsly

sniffle, "she," sob," dumped me"

"join the club" i say

sob "i thought you were my friend!"


The End

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