I read the text message

My pinkie nail is severely bitten by the time I gain the confidence that I know I will need to have in order to read his text message. Hand slightly trembling I grab the cell phone that I had tossed on the carpet after I had made the suicide call. A bright red light flashes at the top of the black marvel of technology signaling my awaiting doom and a hiccup escapes my tight throat.

Okay, I can do this; I can withstand anything he has to say.

I flip open the phone and click on a button that allows me to read the message. It isn't from him, but from the girl that he has left me for. A flash of blond hair and baby blues flash in front of my mind's eye and I feel slightly dizzy, causing me to hold onto the surface that I have sat myself on.

"Look," the text reads, "I'm sorry it had to be like this, but it is better that you know now rather than later when he and I love each other even more."

I feign disgust as I close my cell phone without responding and place it in front of me, not sure whether I am waiting for more or if the dramas of the night are done.

My phone beeps again with another new text and I find myself oddly interested in knowing what it says this time.

It's her again.

"We may have been best friends before tonight, but I want you to know, that you two would have never worked out."

Just perfect.

The End

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